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Another demo that should've been more! - 87%

Xeogred, May 22nd, 2008

This is kind of a follow up to my review for one of Militia's demos, since these Texan acts seem to be fairly related with some connections:

Militia was insanity locked away in a cage. They were pretty hard to classify, it was just over the top crazy fast metal. With Assalant here we have a more structured 'cleaner' band that's probably safe to call straight up power/thrash, though they're certainly not fancy and don't really have an 'epic' influence here or anything (Deadly Blessing as an example). Well if you want you could probably ditch the power tag and say they're just really melodic. Mike Soliz on vocals whom kicked ass on Militia (though I wonder how his lungs didn't explode from the nonstop shrieking), gives off an incredible and more varied performance here, quite possibly his finest. Certainly better than his clean melodic approach with the next obscure band he'd join, Oblivion Knight. Here he's pretty aggressive with some well timed screams and shrieks, at times he sounds comparable to James Rivera (though both sound different with the shrieks). That's an excellent comparison to bring up because I believe this material here reminds me quite a bit of Helstar's thrashier effort, Nosferatu. The rhythms and guitar work here are definitely not quite as "odd" as Helstar's always been known for, but there's definitely a ton of variety here, multiple solo's on each track, music seems to keep progressing and is for the most part rather unpredictable.

All in all this is truly another lost gem. If you somehow know about Militia and enjoyed their stuff, definitely check this demo out if possible. Obviously the production here is very limited being a demo and all, but the mix is really good, you just gotta blast that volume. If you enjoy stuff like Helstar's Nosferatu, Liege Lord's Master Control, Attacker's The Second Coming, Deadly Blessing's Ascend from the Cauldron, Tyrant Reign's EP, and so forth - you're really going to enjoy this.