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more gore please - 90%

SmallPoxie, December 3rd, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

Aspirate Coma is a fresh goregrind band duo formed by Japanese and American musicians. One of the members is Harlan, a guitarrist who is also on Desairologie, The Men's Toilet, Empyaema, etc. The other member is Brennan, a drummer who is also on Human Effluence and Infernal Coil. This is the band's debut demo.

When Track 1 starts, you immediately notice that the production is kinda "Industrial". It sounds like the album was recorded in a really small room, a room that has all windows open and cold air is entering through. The instruments seen to be affected by this as well, since they sound loud but also with a lot of distortion caused by the "wind". But the songwriting is good, tons of great guitar riffs which are influenced by death metal and old grindcore. And drum beats that mix the brutality of grindcore with the fastness of punk music.

Vocals are pretty good, the voices are a mix of growls and pitch-shifted vocals. And sometimes they mix both styles to create a really filthy vocal line. By the way, Leon De La Muerte makes an appearance on Track 6 and delivers some great vocals to the mix. The bass also shines here. It's loud, distorted, raw and awesome. There are also some nice basslines, for example on Track 4. The drums sound overproduced honestly, I wish they were more raw on this demo. But still, good drumming saves the album.

Basically, a really good demo. I hope we get more from this band because this is some really good goregrind.

Fav Tracks: Malignant Consumption, Funereal Indignity, Coagulating Expellent, Phagocytic Purulator, Aspirate Coma, Decomposing Lividity, Hyperacute Immunology, Transcendisfigurement.
Worst Track: Precursory Amputation.