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The Crushing Walls of Death... Asphyx - 90%

rottencoffinspirit, June 19th, 2009

Through heavy rythms, crushing headbanging melodies, Asphyx brought us here a masterpiece. Truly it stands as on of death metals best, the kind that leaves tthe listener wandering what kind of maniacs conjured this masterpiece. Well the Netherlands does seem like it would be a place to inspire many a metal freak, and a yes the death freaks were inspired. Last One on Earth portrays exactly what the title stands for, this is death metal at its heaviest, pushed beyond the sonic boundaries of sound. Staying true to the ancient death metal sound, this is no avant-garde over the top techinical death metal, no sillyness here folks. Only pure apocalyptic death.

Starting of with MS Bismark, the music rolls into heavy rythms of thrashing and headbanging. All the while the listener waits patiently at whats to come next. You are then invited into Martin Van Drunens lyrical destruction, and can this man horribly sing, and thats a good thing in the world of death metal. It seems obvious he took his lessons from Mr. Becerra, and dare I say surpassing his vocal shrieks. I first came across Martin Van Drunen is Pestilence's Malleus Malleficarum, another gem, a thrashing album of sorts. But it is in this album that Mr Drunen delivered his overall vocal performance. To no let down the other musicians they also contributed to this crushing sound. The guitars are the center to this album, doomy and thrashy, they bulid ambience around the drums and Martins hellish howls. Note the crushing riffs to the Last One on Earth, no need for blasts beats or mid tempo beats, the riffs are what make this song heavy. To say this is one of my death metal favs, the atmosphere is jusy sick, memorable riffs all around, two horns up, also check out Celtic Frosts " Dawn of Meggido".

If you look for total destruction in your death metal you cant go wrong with Asphyx. Here is a gem that needs a bit more attention. Definately wont let down, only in ruin, post apocalyptic death metal!