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Decent, if not a little monotonous - 62%

danmarder, March 21st, 2014

Asomvel have been floating around the British heavy metal scene for around 20 years now and have connections with bands who are very well regarded. Lenny, their guitarist, has played bass for Solstice; the band seem to be genuinely friendly with the blokes from Orange Goblin and at their annual 'Full Moon Dog' festival they manage to attract acts who are relatively big names considering the nature of the event and the hosts.

Asomvel themselves churn out the tried and tested Motorhead-esque sound which is of enduring popularity with a good deal of heavy metal fans. Unfortunately, they don't quite manage to pull this sound off as well as one would hope. The songs themselves are well constructed; there are some great riffs on the album, particularly in the title track. The mix is good, modern and vibrant and the drums are a particular highlight. However, the vocals really let this band down. New vocalist 'Conan', who hilarious previously played bass for a deathcore band, cannot carry the music at all. The vocals throughout the album are, quite literally monotonous - there is little hint of tonal variance at all and what is clearly intended to come across as an angry, rock n roll bark just doesn't quite come off. What on paper is a small fault drags down the quality of an album which could be enjoyable if there were, you know, a few vocal melodies.

I have absolutely no problem with a new(er) band playing a highly nostalgic style of music. However, if you're going to do it, please do it well.