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Seize the Throne - 95%

ImpaletheCunt, August 12th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Twilight Vertrieb

Fucking superb debut album of pitch black metallic warmageddon by one of Austria's finest bestial black hordes!!! This album slaughters the listener on every pulsating track as these servants of the underworld give praise to bloodcurdling evil and chaotic madness. Asmodeus rises to the challenge and obliterates the competition with an ass-kicking 11 track album hellbent on malevolence and carnage. They take no fucking prisoners in a 44-minute frenzy of fury. This is the quintessential Twilight Vertrieb record to own if ever there was one and the sheep worshiping fuckers of planet earth better cower in fear as these sermons of hate spread their plague wielding curse. Hagel Luzifer!!

This 4-piece reminds me a lot of the 2nd wave BM, especially the glory days of the mighty Setherial - lord of the night realm era (when they were at the peak of their powers). Asmodeus has the same crushing delivery and speed and injects some motherland poison into the mix to distinguish itself from their Swedish counterparts. Desdemon is a front man of note. His vocals are high pitched shrieks and he throws in just enough death metal growls for good measure making this a fucking whirlpool of black. He spews war chants of utter despair and I would ride alongside him into the darkest of battles. Lobe Satan!!

Thankfully no fucking keyboards are used on this album and that is pure infernal magic. Let the riffing do the talking I say. There’s a calculated balance between speed and power on this output. Usually I prefer balls to the wall all out blasting approach however Asmodeus lures you in and slows things down just enough before pelting out the next barrage of blasphemy. It’s as addictive as a crack whore craving methamphetamine after a brutal rape. This album rhythm sections are standout and compliments the drum fills extremely well. Ashrak has great tempo on the skins and can turn it up mmediately, which he very often does. Thankfully all instruments are placed well in the final production and just work. This album has a great sound to it, it really does and if 2nd wave BM is your thing, this purchase is a no-fucking-brainer. Supreme chaos records released the vinyl version which is far easier to get one’s hands on and with a killer artwork adorning the cover, makes for an essential addition to your black metal collection. You can buy this one with confidence. Das christentum ausloschen!!

The legion are marching, and Satan is infernally pleased

Buy or die!!!