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This Album Doesn't Suck The Blade! - 80%

hardandheavy, April 26th, 2012

To be honest I’m quite impressed, a band I have often overlooked, Ash Lee Blade is a perfect example of a good band almost missed by my own stuck up ignorance. I won’t take the full blame for it though; “Suck The Blade” is flying colours above their 2007 self-titled EP and has a more appealing, heavier, less polished edge which was the previous efforts downfall.

This album is just what they needed, full of high octane riffs, unique soaring vocals, and a strong complementing drum and bass department. You can really see a lot of influences run with the Dio/Sabbath-vibe of “Children Of The Dawn” that even kicks into Maiden-esque riffage near the end. Another thought that crossed my mind are Ash Lee Blade’s vocals, which seemingly sound different from song to song and his ability to hits high pitched notes with power and style similar to Exciter’s, Dan Beehler.

Other honour bounds include, “Tonight (I Want It All)”, “Holy Water”, and my personal favourite “Suck The Blade”. Regrettably the album ends on a 7 minute ballad type leaving you with that feeling you get when there’s no milk for your cereal.

There are still a lot of modern touches that taints their more traditional sound and keep them from a higher potential. For better; all the songs sound like they belong next to each other to form a well structured album. For worse; it blends the songs together making it harder to show off the stand outs. Still a satisfying album, but for the full experience a must see live.

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