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Brutal Onslaught - 88%

Tomb_of_Cunt, August 17th, 2012

While listening to this album, I realized that bands like Cannibal Corpse and especially Morbid Angel can learn a lot from Asesino. This band really does quite a lot with very little and I never got the idea that they are trying too hard to make a good death metal album.

“Corridos de Muerte” is a very basic, yet very innovative album. The band uses basic guitar riffs, slides and every now and then there is also a short solo that slips into the mix. The vocals are very good and quite scary. It might feel like a lot of the songs sound the same, but the band still has an amazing way in which they make use of a fixed sound and style while still maintaining a unique approach to every song. Some ghostly elements are also thrown into the mix – especially on a song titled “La Ejecucion” where it sounds like some kind of choir is chanting in the background. At the end of this song the chaotic feeling of the whole album totally gets out of hand when a priest is saying some kind of prayer, followed by very weird chainsaw-like sounds. Overall this album has a very strong aura of horror. This might sound like a cliché, since the idea of a lot of death, gore and grindcore bands is to invoke these kinds of feelings, but Asesino is a band who has a lot of success in invoking this feeling. This aura of horror is also supplemented by the use of a keyboard on some of the tracks. The way in which the uncanny keyboard playing is suddenly ripped to shreds by very fast guitars and drums is very neat.

Some concluding remarks: Asesino is a band who has a very bright future in the death and grindcore scene. “Corridos du Muerte” is certainly an album which proves that a lot can be achieved by doing the basic stuff and giving it a creative and innovative twist.

Murderous One - 85%

Apophis, March 30th, 2004

There is likely to be two main reasons that would initially direct your attention towards getting this album.

Firstly, and most obvious, is if you were already a Brujeria fan and wanted to hear the 'solo' effort from the axe-merchant Asesino.

Secondly, and only slightly less obvious if you're actually unaware of who anyone in Brujeria is, you were probably a Fear Factory fan looking to see what direction Dino Cazares was looking at going post FF-split (ignoring the inevitable reformation without him).

I can quite happily tell you that 'Corridos De Muerte!' is absolutely nothing like Fear Factory. And from a personal perspective, I never really appreciated Brujeria to begin with, finding them too much of a schlock band taking themselves way too seriously to be able to find any merit in their slightly slaphanded music.

This Asesino release however wipes the floor with any pre-conceptions you might have had about any possible sound on here.
Quite frankly if you thought Raymond Herrera was a mediocre drummer who relied too much on triggers, listen to his work on this album. Phenomenal.

Not to mention Tony Campos sounding as though his day-job in the godawful Static-X was nought but a bad memory/dream, with his literally possessed vocals.

It's not quite as perfect as some Brujeriaphiles would have you believe, tailing off in terms of quality after the first three or four songs, and compromising itself somewhat in its lack of any real scope or range of sounds, but if what you want is pure blistering razorsharp death metal like no other band from that side of the Atlantic is making, then this album is what you've been searching for.

Stellar drum work, outstanding vocals and riffs that fly along with the drums.

If you hate Fear Factory, Static-X or just want to dream about what could have been then listen to the likes of 'Asesino' and 'Rey De La Silva' - not that they have any industrialness in them whatsoever.