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Damn Good Metalcore - 85%

metal22, January 19th, 2013

Metalcore is a bit of an awkward genre to write reviews for. Even though it is a fantastic style of metal, there are few things that make each band unique from one another (not the fault of the bands it is just a very limited genre). 'Shadows Are Security' however is one of the few metalcore albums that stands high and proud above the rest, along with Caliban's 'The Opposite From Within' and Killswitch Engage's 'The End of Heartache'. Never mind those records though, I will explain to you why THIS album is in the top 3 of metalcore.

Kicking things off we have 'Meaning In Tragedy' which sets the mood for the rest of the album. After hearing this with its dual guitar harmonies, furious screams and breakdowns, I had a good idea of what the entire record would sound like, and I was right. It follows into 'Confined' with the same formula, which is an awesome formula that keeps the rest of the album catchy, heavy and sometimes beautifully melodic. Some of the tracks on this record have guitar riffs that are really profound. 'The Darkest Nights' has some axe melodies that are very brutal yet strangely uplifting. There are some extremely heavy moments that even stray away from metal core and into thrash and occasionally death metal (check out the intro to 'Empty Hearts').

The drums on this release are phenomenal, with endless assaults of double bass and blast-beats. Very rarely does Jordan Mancino stop pummelling the kit and it is his constant fury that keeps us hooked, meaning that we never lose interest during the album. Inevitably there are many breakdowns here, as is tradition for metalcore. These veterans know where to put them though, so after a brutally catchy chorus all instruments come together for a ground-shaking headbanging session. Even if you are on your own you will feel the need to smash inanimate objects and play air guitar (I did).

Another reason this album stands out are the growls of vocalist Tim Lambesis. After listening to the album once you really notice the anger and emotion in his screams, which is what metalcore should be about - emotion. The production is absolutely flawless, which is very important in metalcore as it amplifies the emotional, heavy and melodic aspects of the album. 'Reflection' is the albums strongest track as it combines every type of song the band have, with heaviness followed by moody, melodic riffs and breakdowns. Epic stuff.

'Shadows Are Security' is something of a holy grail in a world of good but predictable metalcore albums. Every song is excellent and the production quality is about as clear as it gets, resulting in a record that always sounds fresh when you listen to it, and never becomes old. If you feel like you need to let off steam then this is the album for you. Pure pit-worthy anthems.

Make this the next metalcore album you buy folks.