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Sounds like a dishwasher... - 57%

burningsynthetic, February 28th, 2007

I was a little attaches to their earlier release, Frail Words Collapse, so I thought I would give their newer release a try. Upon first listen I really, really hated it. The biggest problem for me is the sound, it tries too hard to produce it differently and have the infamous "wall of guitars" sound to it. They fail to pull it off, the sheer sonic fury can only be realized as the bands best effort to drown out all other sound. The guitars are what can be great about songs, the riffing and solos and with metalcore the occasional breakdown. However with the production you never can truly pick out notes or who is playing what once the songs get going. This gets to be frustrating for me, as I often enjoy throwing on a CD and playing along with it on my own guitar. The drums as well just sort of blend in to the rest and are often too quiet and lack any sort of punch or musical dynamic to them.

Such a pity, too. I had hoped for this release but it turned out to be the most expensive drink coaster I'd ever buy. I will admit that after selling the CD off to a friend and later getting it back about 5 months later I gave it another chance. All things aside the sound of the disk is still a major problem but now I feel as if the best quality of the album is the vocal work, it is the only thing that really sticks out. It has energy to it and really seems to be top notch compared to other metal core releases.

Stand out tracks are few but still worth a bit on their own; "Through Struggle", "Confined" and "Reflection". In very small segments this album can be worth it, however it's not the sort of of disk you'll find yourself going back to time and time again, the tracks are just too insipid and not very memorable.

Bottom line, if you are just getting into the band, get this release last and pick up any one of their other efforts.