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Melodically Great, Heavily Repetitive - 65%

Petrus_Steele, September 24th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Metal Blade Records

Shadows Are Security unveils eleven new and fresh tracks with the twelfth one being a re-recorded version of Illusions, featuring Jason Moody of No Innocent Victim, which is another San Diego based hardcore/metalcore band from the early 90s. Control Is Dead features the legendary Daniel Weyandt from the pioneering band, Zao. It's no surprise that Tim is inspired by him based on what's been heard in the band's debut album.

As for the music, I think Tim found his mark when it comes to his vocal range, not to mention how the music is strongly influenced by thrash metal, yet it's more polished and more of the "melodic metalcore" direction but some hard extent. The guitars are definitely more melodic than before, the drums are more sonic, and some of the heard clean vocals sound much better. From what I gathered, this is where the band founded their solid lineup.

I believe it's one of their more famous songs to play. Meaning in Tragedy doesn't sound any different than what Frail Words Collapse sounded in the past, yet the music still sounds fresh enough. The rhythms melodically sound original. Confined unleashes more brutal drumming by Jordan, while the music is more melodic with the addition of some great-sounding backup vocals. Pretty bone-chilling. The Darkest Nights generally contains more melodic rhythms and prolong clean vocals, compared to Confined's short but impactful cleans. Repeating Yesterday has quite the experimental intro, which sounds like the band's early dark work. As the song kicks in its riffs and heavy approach, it succeeded to stay true and original. Plus, it has a piano outro to complement the experiment. Through Struggle, thankfully, continues the melodic approach with additional vocals, which at this point is always welcomed. The only tiny problem was the breakdown outro: not only it sounded bad but very unnecessary for such a great song.

Losing Sight mostly sounds catchy and very repetitive. The vocals by Tim, especially, sounded annoying. Not sure for the reason behind such songwriting, but this was bad. Empty Hearts in one of the heavier tracks on the album that sounds entirely different, which means the band isn't repetitive as it might as one might think when it comes to their overall musical approach. However, this song is no different than Losing Sight when it comes to Tim's vocals. The music, too, wasn't that impressive. Reflection also follows the same path. Although it's more melodic and had a sweet melodic death metal-esque opening and remained heavy, the band was doing much better in their stronger melodic approach that was heard in the first two tracks. The amount of heaviness that's being heard is very repetitive, not to mention how similar it sounds to Losing Sight. The Truth of My Perception I believe failed to deliver because of how personal it sounds, compared to anything else this album offered. At this point in the album, the music doesn't transition to something fresh (like you've heard it all). Hoped to hear something huge, but Control Is Dead with Daniel Weyandt didn't deliver anything. The music is mostly the same as before. Morning Waits sounds very different during the verses, but the chorus and bridge aren't any different than what you've already heard. At least it has potential. It shouldn't come to a surprise when Illusions sounds better than the original version, but it's labeled like Empty Hearts; where it doesn't offer anything other than repeating riffs. I guess it's also simply just a bad track.

Experimental is one way to label this third approach by the band, but very repetitive is more suitable and accurate. Whatever the guys were writing or wanted to shine down upon the world, it was badly approached. I was quite intrigued with the melodic rhythms and the clean vocals, as well as Tim's screaming and unclean vocals, compared to the repetitive heavy riffage and lower unclean vocals. I can only hope the majority of this weak release by the band isn't going to be their direction. The best songs are Confined, The Darkest Nights, Repeating Yesterday, and Through Struggle for pretty much being the most powerful songs.