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Nothing new - 65%

Deathandthrashlover, October 7th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2005, CD, Metal Blade Records

Just as the title says this is nothing new. If you've ever heard any metalcore band from the early to mid 2000's then you have already heard As I Laying Dying's "Shadows Are Security". This album follows a pretty predictable formula, down tuned guitars, breakdowns, tons of double bass drumming, and harsh/clean vocals. Thankfully the cleans on this album are to very small parts.

A big issue I have with this album is not the generic formula and the overuse of breakdowns, but the lack of bass on this album. The only time you seem to hear any bass work is when it drops just before a breakdown which is sad, I love to hear the bass in the mix. Another Big issue is the vocals.Tim Lambesis tries his hardest to sound "brutal" but it just doesn't cut it for me. It feels to cookie cutter "extreme vocals" kind of feel, it feels emotionless.

Now onto the guitar work. Any backbone to a good metal album should be killer riffs, but does this album deliver? The answer is no. But this not from a lack of trying. The guitars play at fast tempos and are down tuned and sound heavy, but it seems after just a minute or so into the song they lose all steam and lose all the energy. This might be forgivable if every song didn't suffer from this, and given the length of the album all the songs just seem to blend together. Even the drumming falls victim to just fading into the background. Not to give it credit, it does try to put into the songs, but the issue is it all sounds the same. So just like the guitars the drumming fades out, and it just gets hard to tell when songs end and began. I wouldn't recommend this album unless you happen to be a fan, but if your not a fan of As I Laying Dying then feel free to pass this album up.