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The Importance of Being Ernst - 31%

Unholy_Crusader, February 4th, 2007

Initial Impression: Yeah, I did just make a really bad joke using the title of the popular Oscar Wilde book "The Importance of Being Earnest" while alluding to convicted Holocaust denier and known Neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel. Lame I know, but I felt that it fits well enough. Now, I have no love for Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or racists of any kind. I am all about heritage and preservation of traditions, but I do not hate anyone for their ethnicity. Not only that but me being a practitioner of Germanic Heathenry and the jack-off Nazis using the swastika as a banner only further enrages me. But for the sake of professionalism (something I lack entirely) I'll try to be unbiased in this. I can listen to any band and appreciate the music just for being good, but this album is almost beyond redemption.

The Album: This album seems to have been essentially written just so Varggoth could make fun of Jews and talk shit about other bands. Extreme Right-wing ideologies aside the overall presentation and feel of the album is just completly ridiculous. The second you pop in the album you can tell it's a Black Metal album, nothing unusual and nothing that hasn't been done before. There seems to be quite a bit of RAC/Hatecore influence here as well, still...the album is usually mid-paced to fast, not too fast though. The whole album reaks of National Socialist sentiment, if that's your thing then you'll probablly love it! But most NS bands of any genre tend to suck and become more about preaching how the Jews have all the money and less about the actual music, a tradition proudly continued by Aryan Terrorism.

Vocals: Pretty much the same as Varggoths work in Nokturnal Mortum. The exception here being "A National Socialistic Call" which is more in the RAC/Hatecore vein and even features RAC style vocals and less heavy riffs.

Guitars: Lame and uninspring, fairly monotonous and mindlessly simple most of the time. The Guitar work continues the trend of the band not producing anything outside the norm of Black Metaldom. But I'm almost positive that is what he was going for, basic BM. "Devestate Their Good" is a blatant Burzum rip-off, "A National Socialistic Call" is more traditional RAC/Hatecore, "Destroy their Lies" is a completly ridiculous song lyrically but decent otherwise.

Bass: Hardly present at all, continuing BM tradition it just follows the guitar lines.

Drums: Your basic drum machine, not programmed well by any meansl.

Lyrics: Pretty fucking stupid really, full of NS bullshit making fun of Jews and talking about killing Black people. Destroy Their Lies is all about killing/hating on bands considered "untrue" in Black Metal. Excluding the fact that all of those bands have at one point in time released an album 100 times more talented than this piece of shit. I also liked the little disclaimer on the album claiming that the lyrics and songs are not intended to incite violence. Hahaha, so let me get this straight produce an album designed to appeal to violent Hitler fuckers and then claim that this was not your intention. So when 6 neo-Nazis get together and slaughter a Jewish girl or teh black metal elitzors get together and blow up a COF concert and it's found that they own your album you can't be legally responsible. Take some responsibility for your actions and beliefs...pussy.

Production: Somewhat better produced than your typical BM endevour, but still nothing spectacular or well done.

Overall: Hopefully this will be the last release for Aryan Terrorism, hopefully Varggoth's stupid little joke is done now and he'll go back to focusing on better bands. But I do have one little word for Varggoth...Hitler would have gassed your ass too!

Final Score: 31