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In one word: forgettable. - 40%

Soturnus, August 11th, 2006

This is one more side-project of Nokturnal Mortum's Varggoth. This time he decided to do something totally in-your-face concerning his right-wing ideologies. Nearly everything on this CD reminds of national-socialism and racism, from the name of the band to the lyrics, including the art work. Well, enough said about the gimmick, let's check the music.

The sound recording quality is underground - don't expect anything crystal clear here. However, it's comprehensible and acceptable, mainly if the listerner is already used to buying stuff of this kind (but it would sound terrible to a newbie). Here you have some raw and primitive black metal, with moments which oscillate from fast (but not lightspeed) to mid-tempo. The vocals are in the same traditional vein Varggoth is used to doing in Nokturnal Mortum (the only exception is the track "A National Socialistic Call" - more details, see below). The guitar riffs are pretty simple - sometimes extremely simple. The bass lines just follow the guitar. And the drums, well, it's a drum machine. I can't say it's really decently programmed, but considering that the entire sonority of the album is quite primitive, one can say the drums just follow the rest. There are no keyboards or special effects on this album, only some war samples occasionally here and there.

Is it a good album? Personally, I wouldn't say that. I have some problems with this album: first, it's simply not original at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was not supposed to be original anyway. It was not Varggoth's intention making something inovative here. But, wait a minute: the fifth track, "Devastate Their Good", is a perfect Burzum rip-off! Put Vikernes' vocals on it and you will have a song that would fit perfectly on Burzum's debut album. Come on, lack of originality can be kind of forgiven, but don't exaggerate, OK? Despite that, we have some quasi-interesting songs like "Jewish Provocation" and "Destroy The Church Of Christ". "Crush The Lies" is another decent one, despite the definitively ridiculous lyrics (check it yourself - it's worthy doing it). However, these "good" songs are simply not good enough.

This is a totally forgettable album, too linear, too tasteless. In fact, we have no highlights here (as I said, even the forementioned songs aren't that great). Well, the only track that is definitively different from the others is the seventh one, "A National Socialistic Call", which is not black metal and follows a more RAC vein, with "normal" vocals and less heavy riffs. RAC is really not my cup of tea, but this track called my attention a little.

What can piss some listeners off is the fact that Varggoth is a truly talented musician (just listen to Nokturnal Mortum to see what I mean), so if he had wanted, he could have done a better album. But with Aryan Terrorism's "War" he has done a clear choice for the mediocrity.

In addition to that, it's quite amusing checking the booklet of this album: at the same time we have song lyrics about killing black people and exploding bombs at other bands' concerts, we also have a message which says: "the lyrics on this CD are not intended to provoke or incite violent or illegal behavior by the listener". Aaahhhh, now I got it! ;-)