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Substandard Generic NSBM as usual. - 45%

Foret_Noire, February 2nd, 2005

For those who are unaware Aryan Terrorism is one of the countless Varggoth projects circulating in black metal, and to be perfectly honest this album is nothing special by any possible means. Varggoth's NSBM band, Aryan Terrorism, features nothing innovative or different from all of the panzerblutkriegs that are flowing through this NSBM trend bandwagon. It's basically racial music for ANUS kids to sit around and listen to because it makes them feel rebellious with retarded lyrical content (most of which are focused on making jokes about jews and such) and nothing at all special. I'd rather fall asleep to Varggoth's Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra 72 minute insomnia curing virus in black metal than this generic NSBM/Hatecore album featuring the same cookie cutter ideals and aesthetic contents. On a musical scale, this album isn't anything special. Usually very generic black metal with some additional hatecore riffs that make me want to swing my hips around more than a behemoth album. The music is simplistic and generic nsbm bands, which is not very surprising. A lack of creativity in lyrics, idealogy, aesthetics, and every other portion that this album is made out of. I don't think i've heard anything so lackluster and uninspired bullshit. I don't recommend getting this album for any purpose. Complete waste of time, and money.