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Ah, NSBM - 85%

Forest, July 21st, 2004

Indeed, this is one interesting genre of music. Many of the NSBM bands combine nazism with paganism, anti-humanism, anti-christianity, and much more. Which now brings us to Aryan Terrorsim, the side project of Ukraine's Nokturnal Mortum's lead singer, Knjaz Varggoth "SS". No doubt that this man is insane, but hey, he sure does make some descent music.

While NK is a little more traditional in black metal, AT focuses mainly on Racism, War, Nazism, ect. I at first had doubts, I'm proud to be white but by no means in racist, and it can be awkard. But in time, you look past bands lyrical themes and beliefs, and just enjoy the music. If you can't do this, do not attempt to listen to this CD.

Ok, the CD kicks right off with the opening "Jewish Provacation" with SS's screaming vocals, double bass, and good ol' guitar riffing. This is probably one of my favorite songs because it has a lot of good parts - screams, riffs, great drumming, and a couple good headbanging moments. The next track, Total War isn't as satisfying. The opening scream makes me laugh though. Track three is my least favorite in within the album, I find it mediocore, but the ending is better. Crush the Lies, as dividingforce stated is the best track on the CD. Not only is it a good song, but it is quite funny. We see lines such as "Dimmu Borgir are fucking clowns, gays, venal bitches.
They sell their asses for a gram of heroin." (my personal favorite). The tracks continue and continue, my complaint about them is they sound very simaler, but are still good songs.

In the Genre it says 'NSBM/Hatecore'. The only 'core' part on the CD is A National Socialistic Call. It's an ok song, except the "oi oi oi" parts.

All in all, pretty good release, not great. Yes, if you like Burzum pick up the CD. If you like NK, do the same. If you have a problem with racism, well, this is definetly not for you.