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Excellent, Aggressive NSBM! - 100%

Ancestral Purity, February 25th, 2013

For starters, I simply don't understand all the negative comments about this album. This album was simply great in every way possible. Sure, the lyrics were a tad confusing due to lack of perfected English since they are from the Ukraine, but that makes it more raw. I'm tired of complaints about the album because they use the word "Nigger" a few times in some songs, but for Christ's sake, the album's name is "WAR", it's whats it is about. Each song sounds like old school R.A.C with a mixture of raw black metal. It even sounds a bit rock 'n roll, like the song "A National Socialistic Call". The drums and guitar in the song sound like an old school white power rock 'n roll song. The lyrics were perfect they even rhymed, which I highly appreciated since most bands lack that in their writing most days. The message of each song was in your face and loud. There was no "Kvlt" or "Satanic" garbage involved in this album. The Imagery was excellent in the lyrics, the music, the album, and the logo.

In each song you could actually understand the lyrics. They didn't have screeching vocals like Modern DSBM and the artist even took the time to write down the lyrics so people could read them. If you couldn't understand them, you could simply just look at the lyrics on Metal Archives. Most NS black metal bands don't put their lyrics down for others to read. Aryan Terrorism certainly did not beat around the bush when it came to their lyrics and even included violence and even had a title that said "our banner the Swastika". Their most popular song would be "Crush the Lies" since they mock all the poseurs and fakes within the black metal community, like bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. Calling those bands out in their lyrics sure did take a lot of balls since it's public.

The music on this album is really old school. The riffs are strong and fast, the drums are in your face and loud like in the song "A National Socialistic Call". The drums are loud from the very start. The music itself is not overcomplicated, yet not simple enough so that it is boring. It's right in the middle and quite entertaining. The drums weren't bad machine Fl studio computer drums like, for example, Whispersorrow. Aryan Terrorism used real live drums, which is highly appreciated. Throughout the whole album the instruments are fast-paced and energetic with the best example being in the song "Crush The Lies". Overall, this album is a perfect example of what National Socialist black metal needs to sound like nowadays. I give this album a 100 percent since it clearly deserves it.