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Laughably bad - 3%

Lars_Stian, February 6th, 2017

When I first listened to this album, I already had extremely low expectations, yet I was still disappointed by just how bad this release is. And as if that wasn't enough, when I read the lyrics, I literally laughed due to how bad the lyrics were.

The music itself is boring and predictable, and sounds incredibly uninspired. The lack of originality is almost impressive, as the riffs are among the most generic riffs I've ever heard. It sounds like something a twelve year old would write after playing the guitar for a month, thinking they're some kind of musical genius. Initially, I wasn't able to even listen to the first half of the album, simply due to boredom. It's actually hard to describe the sound, because no matter how many times I listen to this failure of an album, it's just so forgettable I can't seem to recall any of it. For the most part, from what I remember, it's just tremolo picking and bland progressions. It's almost hard to focus on the music due to the horrible fake drums, they just sound so fake it's unbelievable. The vocals are actually decent, they sound quite powerful and aggressive, however that is the only positive thing I can say about ''War''.

Now I usually don't mind bad lyrics, but holy hell, these lyrics are terrible. I mean honestly, with lyrics such as ''Where you fucking niggers are!?!'', ''Dimmu Borgir are fucking clowns, gays, venal bitches. They all sell their asses for a gram of heroin. Explode the bomb on their gig?'', and ''Shoot the niggers, Shoot them fucking all, A National Socialistic Call'', it's hard to ignore just how terrible they are (and no, I did not make those lyrics up, they really are that bad). I mean, come on. If you are going on a racist, hate speech rant, at least use proper grammar, otherwise you just look like a complete imbecile.

''War'' is the worst album I have ever heard in my entire life. The lyrics on ''War'' are the worst lyrics I've ever heard, and the riffs are the most bland riffs I have ever heard. The album just feels so rushed, and it is as if the sole purpose of the album is to spread their idiotic ideas and ideology with their badly written lyrics. I would not recommend this album to anyone; I would actually recommend most people to never even try to listen to this bad excuse of an album.

Excellent, Aggressive NSBM! - 100%

Ancestral Purity, February 25th, 2013

For starters, I simply don't understand all the negative comments about this album. This album was simply great in every way possible. Sure, the lyrics were a tad confusing due to lack of perfected English since they are from the Ukraine, but that makes it more raw. I'm tired of complaints about the album because they use the word "Nigger" a few times in some songs, but for Christ's sake, the album's name is "WAR", it's whats it is about. Each song sounds like old school R.A.C with a mixture of raw black metal. It even sounds a bit rock 'n roll, like the song "A National Socialistic Call". The drums and guitar in the song sound like an old school white power rock 'n roll song. The lyrics were perfect they even rhymed, which I highly appreciated since most bands lack that in their writing most days. The message of each song was in your face and loud. There was no "Kvlt" or "Satanic" garbage involved in this album. The Imagery was excellent in the lyrics, the music, the album, and the logo.

In each song you could actually understand the lyrics. They didn't have screeching vocals like Modern DSBM and the artist even took the time to write down the lyrics so people could read them. If you couldn't understand them, you could simply just look at the lyrics on Metal Archives. Most NS black metal bands don't put their lyrics down for others to read. Aryan Terrorism certainly did not beat around the bush when it came to their lyrics and even included violence and even had a title that said "our banner the Swastika". Their most popular song would be "Crush the Lies" since they mock all the poseurs and fakes within the black metal community, like bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. Calling those bands out in their lyrics sure did take a lot of balls since it's public.

The music on this album is really old school. The riffs are strong and fast, the drums are in your face and loud like in the song "A National Socialistic Call". The drums are loud from the very start. The music itself is not overcomplicated, yet not simple enough so that it is boring. It's right in the middle and quite entertaining. The drums weren't bad machine Fl studio computer drums like, for example, Whispersorrow. Aryan Terrorism used real live drums, which is highly appreciated. Throughout the whole album the instruments are fast-paced and energetic with the best example being in the song "Crush The Lies". Overall, this album is a perfect example of what National Socialist black metal needs to sound like nowadays. I give this album a 100 percent since it clearly deserves it.

Horrible in every sense of the word - 10%

DaBuddha, December 22nd, 2011

By now, every black metal fan knows about this album, or at least the most "infamous" song featured, that being Crush the Lies, with its scathing lyrics proclaiming the selling out of a few other BM bands. This is/was a side project of Ukrainian black metal band Nokturnal Mortum's vocalist Knjaz Varggoth and keyboard player Saturious (also of said band). I stumbled back upon this album when I was listening to some Nokturnal Mortum songs on Youtube and this band came up. Now, forgetting Crush the Lies, when one digs deeper and listens to the whole album, you will find that this song, and all the others, offer nothing but horrendous amounts of garbage, with a stench so vile that not even rats and flies will touch it. As one could guess from the band name and song titles, this is a National Socialist "Black" Metal album (you will notice I put quotations around the word black and I'll explain later), but instead of the normal tripe associated with that BM offshoot, you are greeted to an even lower form of depravity. This may as well be considered the biggest joke in the history of heavy metal. I'm not opposed to anti-judeo lyrics so much as I am the ignorance they are written with, nor am I a supporter of politics creeping their way into black metal. I mentioned before about the quotations around the word black. Let me ask this simple question: can this album even be called black metal? I have a hard time believing so at times, because there is nothing black metal about this. Anyone can use harsh vocals, blast beats, and tremelo-heavy guitars. Do these things necessarily make a band BM? No, and this is all the proof you need.

I think the first thing you will notice is the lack of good riffs found on this album. Sure, there are a few decent ones scattered throughout the duration of this crap, but good luck sitting through all the bad to reach the good. When I say good, I don't necessarily mean really good. I mean salvagable in that they are decent, but need some work to become good. I honestly don't know what Varggoth was thinking when he wrote these songs. Obviously he was thinking about his immense hatred of the Jewish population, but when writing the music did he forget what makes his main band so damn good? It's the almighty RIFF, the very thing that attracts us, the fans, to this form of music in the first place. Anyway, let's just say that this was a huge mistake. I'm pretty sure the drums you hear are programmed, so you know you won't find anything special, in fact, they are as you would expect: bad. I can't tell if there's any bass, but would it really matter anyway?

Now comes the absolute worst part of this album: the lyrics, and oh, what lyrics are there to behold. Now, I've read some pretty bad lyrics in my day, but these take the title of worst ever. I know Varggoth (and I say him because I'm pretty sure he wrote them) is Ukrainian and English is not his mother tounge, but that doesn't mean you can't put some effort into writing in that language. It's as if he scribbled down some words, mixed them up, and then proceeded to put them in a completely random order, calling it a song. Why not write the lyrics in his own language? I'm sure they'd have proper grammar and I wouldn't have to see how horrible they are. It's not only the grammar that is appauling, but the overall scheme. The song A National Socialistic Call features the word "nigger" roughly fifteen times. Can you be anymore amateur than that? It's not that I'm offended by these things, but I loathe stupidity, and that's what this project seems to be based on.

I honestly wouldn't recommend this album to anybody. It's not catchy, it's not well written, it's certainly not any good. It is merely in exsistence, and that's nothing to be proud of. I gave this a score of 10 because of the few salvagable riffs present, and even that may be too high. I'm actually surprised Varggoth and even Nokturnal Mortum have been able to live this down. I guess people have short attention spans. Avoid this at all costs. It's not like you'll be missing anything.

The Importance of Being Ernst - 31%

Unholy_Crusader, February 4th, 2007

Initial Impression: Yeah, I did just make a really bad joke using the title of the popular Oscar Wilde book "The Importance of Being Earnest" while alluding to convicted Holocaust denier and known Neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel. Lame I know, but I felt that it fits well enough. Now, I have no love for Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or racists of any kind. I am all about heritage and preservation of traditions, but I do not hate anyone for their ethnicity. Not only that but me being a practitioner of Germanic Heathenry and the jack-off Nazis using the swastika as a banner only further enrages me. But for the sake of professionalism (something I lack entirely) I'll try to be unbiased in this. I can listen to any band and appreciate the music just for being good, but this album is almost beyond redemption.

The Album: This album seems to have been essentially written just so Varggoth could make fun of Jews and talk shit about other bands. Extreme Right-wing ideologies aside the overall presentation and feel of the album is just completly ridiculous. The second you pop in the album you can tell it's a Black Metal album, nothing unusual and nothing that hasn't been done before. There seems to be quite a bit of RAC/Hatecore influence here as well, still...the album is usually mid-paced to fast, not too fast though. The whole album reaks of National Socialist sentiment, if that's your thing then you'll probablly love it! But most NS bands of any genre tend to suck and become more about preaching how the Jews have all the money and less about the actual music, a tradition proudly continued by Aryan Terrorism.

Vocals: Pretty much the same as Varggoths work in Nokturnal Mortum. The exception here being "A National Socialistic Call" which is more in the RAC/Hatecore vein and even features RAC style vocals and less heavy riffs.

Guitars: Lame and uninspring, fairly monotonous and mindlessly simple most of the time. The Guitar work continues the trend of the band not producing anything outside the norm of Black Metaldom. But I'm almost positive that is what he was going for, basic BM. "Devestate Their Good" is a blatant Burzum rip-off, "A National Socialistic Call" is more traditional RAC/Hatecore, "Destroy their Lies" is a completly ridiculous song lyrically but decent otherwise.

Bass: Hardly present at all, continuing BM tradition it just follows the guitar lines.

Drums: Your basic drum machine, not programmed well by any meansl.

Lyrics: Pretty fucking stupid really, full of NS bullshit making fun of Jews and talking about killing Black people. Destroy Their Lies is all about killing/hating on bands considered "untrue" in Black Metal. Excluding the fact that all of those bands have at one point in time released an album 100 times more talented than this piece of shit. I also liked the little disclaimer on the album claiming that the lyrics and songs are not intended to incite violence. Hahaha, so let me get this straight produce an album designed to appeal to violent Hitler fuckers and then claim that this was not your intention. So when 6 neo-Nazis get together and slaughter a Jewish girl or teh black metal elitzors get together and blow up a COF concert and it's found that they own your album you can't be legally responsible. Take some responsibility for your actions and beliefs...pussy.

Production: Somewhat better produced than your typical BM endevour, but still nothing spectacular or well done.

Overall: Hopefully this will be the last release for Aryan Terrorism, hopefully Varggoth's stupid little joke is done now and he'll go back to focusing on better bands. But I do have one little word for Varggoth...Hitler would have gassed your ass too!

Final Score: 31

In one word: forgettable. - 40%

Soturnus, August 11th, 2006

This is one more side-project of Nokturnal Mortum's Varggoth. This time he decided to do something totally in-your-face concerning his right-wing ideologies. Nearly everything on this CD reminds of national-socialism and racism, from the name of the band to the lyrics, including the art work. Well, enough said about the gimmick, let's check the music.

The sound recording quality is underground - don't expect anything crystal clear here. However, it's comprehensible and acceptable, mainly if the listerner is already used to buying stuff of this kind (but it would sound terrible to a newbie). Here you have some raw and primitive black metal, with moments which oscillate from fast (but not lightspeed) to mid-tempo. The vocals are in the same traditional vein Varggoth is used to doing in Nokturnal Mortum (the only exception is the track "A National Socialistic Call" - more details, see below). The guitar riffs are pretty simple - sometimes extremely simple. The bass lines just follow the guitar. And the drums, well, it's a drum machine. I can't say it's really decently programmed, but considering that the entire sonority of the album is quite primitive, one can say the drums just follow the rest. There are no keyboards or special effects on this album, only some war samples occasionally here and there.

Is it a good album? Personally, I wouldn't say that. I have some problems with this album: first, it's simply not original at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was not supposed to be original anyway. It was not Varggoth's intention making something inovative here. But, wait a minute: the fifth track, "Devastate Their Good", is a perfect Burzum rip-off! Put Vikernes' vocals on it and you will have a song that would fit perfectly on Burzum's debut album. Come on, lack of originality can be kind of forgiven, but don't exaggerate, OK? Despite that, we have some quasi-interesting songs like "Jewish Provocation" and "Destroy The Church Of Christ". "Crush The Lies" is another decent one, despite the definitively ridiculous lyrics (check it yourself - it's worthy doing it). However, these "good" songs are simply not good enough.

This is a totally forgettable album, too linear, too tasteless. In fact, we have no highlights here (as I said, even the forementioned songs aren't that great). Well, the only track that is definitively different from the others is the seventh one, "A National Socialistic Call", which is not black metal and follows a more RAC vein, with "normal" vocals and less heavy riffs. RAC is really not my cup of tea, but this track called my attention a little.

What can piss some listeners off is the fact that Varggoth is a truly talented musician (just listen to Nokturnal Mortum to see what I mean), so if he had wanted, he could have done a better album. But with Aryan Terrorism's "War" he has done a clear choice for the mediocrity.

In addition to that, it's quite amusing checking the booklet of this album: at the same time we have song lyrics about killing black people and exploding bombs at other bands' concerts, we also have a message which says: "the lyrics on this CD are not intended to provoke or incite violent or illegal behavior by the listener". Aaahhhh, now I got it! ;-)

Substandard Generic NSBM as usual. - 45%

Foret_Noire, February 2nd, 2005

For those who are unaware Aryan Terrorism is one of the countless Varggoth projects circulating in black metal, and to be perfectly honest this album is nothing special by any possible means. Varggoth's NSBM band, Aryan Terrorism, features nothing innovative or different from all of the panzerblutkriegs that are flowing through this NSBM trend bandwagon. It's basically racial music for ANUS kids to sit around and listen to because it makes them feel rebellious with retarded lyrical content (most of which are focused on making jokes about jews and such) and nothing at all special. I'd rather fall asleep to Varggoth's Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra 72 minute insomnia curing virus in black metal than this generic NSBM/Hatecore album featuring the same cookie cutter ideals and aesthetic contents. On a musical scale, this album isn't anything special. Usually very generic black metal with some additional hatecore riffs that make me want to swing my hips around more than a behemoth album. The music is simplistic and generic nsbm bands, which is not very surprising. A lack of creativity in lyrics, idealogy, aesthetics, and every other portion that this album is made out of. I don't think i've heard anything so lackluster and uninspired bullshit. I don't recommend getting this album for any purpose. Complete waste of time, and money.

Ah, NSBM - 85%

Forest, July 21st, 2004

Indeed, this is one interesting genre of music. Many of the NSBM bands combine nazism with paganism, anti-humanism, anti-christianity, and much more. Which now brings us to Aryan Terrorsim, the side project of Ukraine's Nokturnal Mortum's lead singer, Knjaz Varggoth "SS". No doubt that this man is insane, but hey, he sure does make some descent music.

While NK is a little more traditional in black metal, AT focuses mainly on Racism, War, Nazism, ect. I at first had doubts, I'm proud to be white but by no means in racist, and it can be awkard. But in time, you look past bands lyrical themes and beliefs, and just enjoy the music. If you can't do this, do not attempt to listen to this CD.

Ok, the CD kicks right off with the opening "Jewish Provacation" with SS's screaming vocals, double bass, and good ol' guitar riffing. This is probably one of my favorite songs because it has a lot of good parts - screams, riffs, great drumming, and a couple good headbanging moments. The next track, Total War isn't as satisfying. The opening scream makes me laugh though. Track three is my least favorite in within the album, I find it mediocore, but the ending is better. Crush the Lies, as dividingforce stated is the best track on the CD. Not only is it a good song, but it is quite funny. We see lines such as "Dimmu Borgir are fucking clowns, gays, venal bitches.
They sell their asses for a gram of heroin." (my personal favorite). The tracks continue and continue, my complaint about them is they sound very simaler, but are still good songs.

In the Genre it says 'NSBM/Hatecore'. The only 'core' part on the CD is A National Socialistic Call. It's an ok song, except the "oi oi oi" parts.

All in all, pretty good release, not great. Yes, if you like Burzum pick up the CD. If you like NK, do the same. If you have a problem with racism, well, this is definetly not for you.