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Angry 8 - 8%

Demiror_Moritur, June 7th, 2017

This man is angry. That's something you can quickly tell from the first few tracks on this compilation, consisting of all his works from 1996 to 2003. He's very, very angry, and he's going to express just that, throughout pretty much every second of every track on here. Leaving the “Einklang” introductory track and the silly-sounding, anthemic “Unsere Fahne” piece aside, every single instrument on every single recording on this release sounds as if it was being played with ultimate rage and unfiltered disgust, as if Negrobutcher (the man behind this “musical” project) was aiming to break them or make them sound as bad and as unmusical as possible on purpose.

Now, I'm usually all for freedom of expression, and I believe everyone should be allowed to express their own ideology, particularly through art, however the heck they want, yet I think there are some necessary “societal”, I shall say, limits to that. There comes a point when you're not really exercising your right to free speech anymore, but are instead just whining and yelling like a spoiled little child because you're not getting what you want from this mean, mean world.

Allow me to warn you: if you thought Vikernes' vocals were somewhat ear-piercing on some of his early tracks, you haven't heard anything yet. I don't know if it's the microphone or the recording equipment he's using, or if his (probably permanently damaged) vocal cords are capable of producing such filthy, disgusting screeches per se, but either way, the vocals are little more than laughable at best, genuinely concerning (for his own health) at worst. Again, I am not just used to heavily political music, but also to genuinely poor-quality recordings that would annoy the ears of the vast majority of the common populace, so my dislike for this release is definitely not for any of those aforementioned reasons, yet this is simply ridiculous. This is nothing like other NSBM German bands you may have heard such as Absurd. The painful atrocity presented here as a proud compilation of the band's historical output is plain bad. The production is practically non-existent. Additionally, what I'm mostly referring to when I say it's bad is that the very unfortunate mixing is particularly poorly and distastefully done, which renders the playing useless and makes it sound weak no matter how hard he's hitting the instruments. The vocals sound way too loud and overpowering, and are therefore annoying, and I don't even feel capable of rating the riffs, because they can't really even be heard. The only redeeming “quality” this album has is the predominantly short length of the 13 tracks featured on its 40 minute duration, making for an average of 3 minutes per track, more or less.

It's a shame, really. I can imagine this project having been much richer if a little bit of this man's sloppy hate or unlimited extremity had been left behind in exchange for adding some tactful quality to the music overall, as his message would've still come across, even more effectively so, and the end result would be much more appealing, ultimately fulfilling what I understand as the purpose behind this music a lot better.

I am rating this release with a symbolic score of 8, since Negrobutcher desperately aims for a big bold 88, yet we're only left with a sad, angry single digit in the end.