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The seed for many to follow - 81%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

You can almost hear the arrogance and pride in the vocals, it's great. The quality of the demo is not too fantastic and the music is not as tight as you would desire, but this demo is a seed to many of the other brilliant 80's bands or CDs to follow.
When track two, "All For You", starts, you hear these almost manic howling vocals followed by obvious satanic worship, by praising him saying he is "all for you", "you" being his loyal worshippers. But let's put that aside for a bit, the solo in this song is pretty good and the gloomy tone gives a morbid feel to the song, it's pretty good. Track 3 is pretty much the same, but out of no where, near the end the tempo lifts a bit.
The obvious Black Sabbath comparisons are there, as far as mood goes, but let's be honest, Artillery progressed a fuckload more a few years down the line.

I think this CD is a lot more important that it is talented, if you see what I mean. For that alone it deserves respect. Check that shit out.

Brilliant, if primitive, THRASH!!!! - 77%

UltraBoris, December 29th, 2002

For November, 1982, this is very much ahead of its time. While Overkill, Metallica and Metal Church were exploring the ideas of speed-thrash - taking some classic uptempo NWOBHM and mixing in punk ideals, here was a band that was operating straight off the dark, evil Black Sabbath ideals, and adding thrash riffs to that. What ends up is a slightly-above-midpaced, gloomy album that has a lot more gallop than Iron Maiden and some riff ideas and time changes that are best characterised as... indeed... THRASH!!!

Three songs to be found here, each of similar quality... all of them have lots of riffs, with probably "Run For Your Life" being the thrashiest, due to its numerous time changes. "All For You" is more Mercyful-Fate-ish, while "We Are the Dead" has some total Black Sabbath moments to go with... you guessed it, thrash riffs, in a "Children of the Grave"-esque combination.

At the time, this was brooding, this was heavy, this was evil... this is thrash metal that's well ahead of its time. Sure, the production sucks but the songs are very enjoyable and taken in the context of its time, absolutely fucking brilliant.