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Back for more..... - 86%

malibuman, July 19th, 2006

If anything good came of the Thrash revival of the late nineties it must surely be Whiplash’s gloriously Thrashtastic ‘Thrashback’ album and also this 1999 release from Artillery. Sure, Flemming Ronsdorf’s vocals are perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, but musically this CD contains enough riffs to satiate even the most demanding Thrasher.

Looking at the cover though, it’s rather amusing to see the 80’s cheesiness return in all it’s glory. Not only do you have a reaper bursting rather comically from a coffin but in the background there’s the chimneys from ‘Survive’ and a barrel of toxic waste straight from the school of Ed Repka (Megadeth, Evil Dead, etc).

But on to the music….and what music. This is great stuff. Sadly it seems to have been a one off (like the Whiplash album) but at least we got this one before they packed it in for good (?). Fans of the Haunted will be interested to know that Per Jensen stands in on drums here, and once you know this you will recognize his style for sure. He certainly plays a blinder here as does the whole band and the album is superbly produced by Andy Sneap.

Will this convert the Mall-core kiddies to the cause? I doubt it, Artillery are a band who have a very distinct and individual style and I don’t see this album gaining them many new converts (perhaps why there hasn’t been another one) and I don’t suppose the photo on the back will do them any favours either - 3 blokes who look like your Dad basically….which is a shame because they haven’t lost their touch for writing great songs by any means. I guess the closest style I could compare Artillery would be The Haunted, but without that Anselmoesque aggressive overtones that modernity has brought them…you could definitely say Witchery are close too but without the Black Metal elements.

Best songs here would have to be ‘WWW’, ‘Final Show’ (which sounds a bit like Harvester of Sorrow, but don’t let that put you off) and ‘B.A.C.K.’.

Basically, if you liked Artillery back in the day then you won’t be disappointed with this one, it’s probably their second best release, bested only by the insane genius of ‘Terror Squad’ and really it’s a crying shame that this wasn’t the catalyst for a whole slew of new-Millennium releases….

Ah well…’s never over til the fat lady sings, so maybe there’s still hope?

What, oh yeah - I forgot about Charlotte Church.

Dammit, that’s your lot then.