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Back indeed - almost as good as the classics - 77%

UltraBoris, March 14th, 2003

So this here is a pretty damn good thrash album - though every once in a while it strays into some silly modernisms that make this not as good as the old stuff by this band. Fortunately, they are few and far between.

First - Cybermind. Great intro riff, though someone needs to tell that drummer to shut the fuck up and quit hitting the tom every beat, it is quite distracting. Also, the verses are a bit uninspired, but otherwise quite solid, and the riffage under the solo is awesome. Though again, please kill that drummer.

Next, How Do You Feel - a pretty fast intro, this is sounding more like standard thrash metal here. Especially after the first main riff and when the vocals kick in around 0.33 - now THIS is the Artillery we know and love. Total headbanging insanity here. The chorus is also pretty good (other than the kinda robotic "how... do you... feel" part, that's just silly) and the riff that explodes out of nowhere after the main solo. Top notch. Though again I gotta say, kill that drummer. Half the time he's doing some silly shit - klonk, klonk, klonk - very distracting. Then, the second solo is bludgeoning insanity. Classic Artillery, kids.

Out of the Trash, the latest in the trash series. Very solid intro and under-verses riff section, again more of what makes Artillery sound like Artillery. Though the lead guitarist's tone is a bit silly between the two verses - that little fill reminds me a little bit of Kirk Hammett to be truly inspiring. Nonetheless the pre-chorus riff is cool, and the chorus is great - very reminiscent of the old "Life in the trash, it's dirty and mean" stuff. You are a sad excuse! Out of the trash! After the chorus we have a little interlude, though... and the horrible guitar tone comes in again. A very uninspired solo, with the riffs going on and off too. Finally, a solid riff at around 2.15 sets things right, and then the soloing picks up in quality too for a bit, but then we have that silly fill, followed by another killer verse. This song is pretty inconsistent - it's got its great moments and its terrible ones.

Final Show - average opening riff, going into a midpaced bludgeoner... however when the verses kick in, the riff drops away. Oh dear. Terror Squad, this is not. This sounds more like Pantera than anything else at this point. However, at around 1.58 the song is redeemed - this is where it should have begun, because before that it was uninspired crap, but here this goes into thrash fucking mayhem. Great solid riffage, and good soloing too. Unfortunately, at 3.28 the song takes another step down. Then back up at around 4.26 - the song alternates between the good thrash and the average groove stuff.

WWW - haha what a stupid song title. What's next? TCP/IP? Nonetheless, a great opening riff. This is total classic Artillery, especially with the emphasis of the main riff around 0:38 in... the chorus is a bit ridiculously silly, though - especially with the distorted hardcore-ish vocals. Fortunately, it's about the only time on the album that the vocals take on this quality, but the chorus is, as I said, really dumb. World wide web! World wide web! That's a total Dew-Scented or whatever style chorus. Nice solo comes up soon, and then the main riff. Overall a good song. "Oh no, she's a he!!!" Pretty hilarious lyrics.

Violent Breed - intro riff is total classic thrash, but after that during the verses we get more of the non-thrash groove stuff, which actually works well in this case. "See if you can take the heat!" - I hate the dropout of riffs under the chorus, but the riffs between lines are killer. Also, great solo - the lead guitar on this album is quite impressive.

BACK - the title track starts off in pretty impressive fashion. Good catchy head-banging under the verse riff, then around 1.41 the song really totally kicks in - this is the stuff Terror Squad dreams are made of. Not quite By Inheritance, but still, it's catchy, it's fun, it's worth a headbang.

The Cure - solid opening section, and nice catchy verses. The only complaint I have is the "random geek vocals" - supposedly someone on the radio complaining about an escape from the asylum ("we have a patient escape"...) - but the verses are good, and then the chorus part is fucking excellent. "Sane, I'll never be again!" Then the middle section is kinda stop-go with the riffage... this is good solid groove, though, not nearly as bad as This Love or something, and the solo works well too. All I gotta say is, dude, drummer guy, quit abusing that poor tom. Another verse and chorus are done well. The highlight of the second half.

Paparazzi - album closer. Nice opening riffs, and kind of a busy-sounding verse section with the loud double-bass. Decent riff, though. At 1.23 we have the slowed down part, but a thrash break this is not. Nonetheless, it's only about 9 seconds long, before the chorus. This is classic Artillery here - "even when they die!!" - the vocal presentation is totally Terror Squad. Then a great fast solo, before a more mid-paced section. "And slowly find its way to you" - this is okay but not spectacular, it gets better when it speeds up. Overall, not a bad song, but the slow parts lack the "headbang or die" hook of, say "Time Has Come".

Overall - the album works. Lots of fucking thrash riffs, and even when they throw in the groove, it's still pretty effective. The worst Artillery album, but still pretty damn essential.