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Certainly not what I expected from this band... - 60%

linkdude64, February 20th, 2009

I heard "Devs Iratvs" a while back, and had auto-searches on eBay for months trying to find this album. FINALLY one came up and after a couple weeks of shipping, it arrived. I opened the packaging as quickly as I could and went to fetch my old CD player because the drives on my PC were freaking out and it wouldn't show up, which added to the suspense. So I put it on, crossed my fingers and hoped that what I was about to hear would make my head explode, and I'm greeted with a very slow, long, pointless intro that does nothing. At first I thought, "Well, that's okay. They probably just changed their sound. Now hear comes the real thing!" Up until then, I had kept my expectations low so that when I heard it it would sound just that much more awesome. But as I heard the first couple minutes of the second track I noticed that even my low expectations hadn't been met. Maybe they needed to be lower, but in any case, I thought that what I was hearing sucked. And as I tried to pay attention to the guitars and atmosphere to try and find something awesome that the rest of the song could build on, I noticed that it sounds like they listened to a Drudkh album from across a crowded subway and wrote down the notes that they heard. Totally lame. I guess that's what I should have expected since Jari isn't in the group anymore, but really, if you liked Devs-Iratvs, unless you're an OBSESSED Drudkh fan, then you probably won't like this album at all. If you want a good black metal album check out Cryptic Wintermoon's The Age of Cataclysm or something. a. O. a. has now made it obligatory for me to add the "old-" before I say that I like "Arthemesia." Piss. I wish I hadn't spent ten bucks on it.