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Is that really John? - 68%

TwilightMoonReviews, August 10th, 2009

Artension has fallen a bit since their golden age, which was their first two excellent albums. Future World is their very last, and it does disappoint compared to their previous masterworks but not that bad.. Two things prevent this album from reaching the level of its predecessors, and I'll talk about those in a sec. Most of the rest is still to form, so this is still a good album, just not as good. Just the cliched name alone should tell us what is to come on the whole project. (And what's with that art?)

The first and most substantial downfall is John West's voice. He has always been one of my favorite vocalists, especially on Artension's first three releases, but here he seems to be a ghost of his former self. His voice has suddenly completely changed somehow, turning from the strong lower focused vocals of old to a sort of whiny, higher-pitched rendition, which is fine for many others but it's not what I expect from John West. Something also supports my theory that his vocals have grown weak, and that is that he has left pretty much every band that he was in right after this came out, including Royal Hunt, also.

The second less important flaw is that the song-writing doesn't seem quite as inspired; still great, but not quite. The rest of the performances are all good-ol'
Artension, so if you don't invest for vocals, this is highly recommended. And even if you do, I would still recommend it because his vocals still aren't that bad. I'll put it this way: if you heard and enjoyed previous Artension albums, this might be disappointing to you. If you haven't and you enjoy prog/power metal, it would't be a mistake to pick this up. Suggested songs to check out: Federation, Future World, and Take Me in Your Arms.