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Twisted Fire Starter - 100%

Skammdegisthunglyndi, January 30th, 2008

Here we are with an arson oriented anti-christian aural assault. With a logo that's cornered the market in spiky burning crosses n' clubs, suitably grim cover and name like Arsonist Lodge, Finnish soldier of Satan Diabolus Sylvarum (ex Nightside) leaves little to the imagination.

Appropriately titled opener 'The Beast Awakens' trudges like a Yeti through the tundra. It rides an icy dirge of chilling Immortal-esque slow burn riffage before dropping into a repetitively simple yet immediately catchy crunching riff march. The short, sharp 'Gegen Kristus' commences with a frustratingly familiar film sample and spews forth with the glacial venom of a Frost Giant with hemorrhoids. Final track 'The Deathking' burns with forbidding blizzard intensity, introduced via Mako movie quote. It's an epic composition of wintry madness, driven by relentless black metal buzzsaw guitar and refreshingly varied drumming. Pausing only briefly for some guitar led ambient resonance this isn't for the faint of heart.

Originality be damned, some days you just want to sit back and let the blast beats roll. Respectful Immortal worship from a promising purveyor of blasphemy.