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I am hardely worthy of reviewing this... - 95%

PainMiseryDeath, April 24th, 2004

Arsis is a two man band from the USA whom I would classify as melodic death metal, and as far as melodic death metal goes, A Celebration of Guilt is easily one of the finest recordings of the entire genre. It's fast, tight, technical, aggressive (or brutal for lack of a better word), and melodic without venturing out into seemingly endless moments of excessive wankery. The guitar player has a knack for writing high quality riffs, he can shred like a god, and he is a rather fine singer to boot. The drummer is a monster of a drummer, his aggression, precision, and his double bass work are amazingly amazing. I really can't describe what a fantastic album this is, I am hardely worthy of reviewing this...pure musical excellence.

I will try and disect the album a little too give an example of what it slightly resembles....The production really suits Arsis' style, the guitar sound, as well as some of the riffs remind me somewhat of a thrashier version of the Heartwork era Carcass sound. The furious drums are in a league of their own. The vocals seem like they would not be out of place in a black metal band such as Naglfar, Immortal, and maybe even Dissection. However Arsis is hardely comparable to anything, this is some of the most innovative metal I have heard, and if you are a fan of any style of metal, do yourself a favour, save up for this album and buy it. You may also need to save a bit of extra cash to spend on neck surgery after all the headbanging that awaits you.