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Maddening Sounds of Disdain - 100%

Il_Misanthrope, December 1st, 2008

It is a shame I didn't get into this type of music any sooner than just two years ago, because this album is absolutely flooring. It has everything you could ask for: technicality, melody, intensity, brutality. At the time, just two musicians who knew that could make it in the community of tech death. Multi-instrumental talent, and showing that skill in your own album that will soon become a milestone, is something I now hold in high regard.

I am extremely happy that I got this album, and hearing of this band and their excellent and very skillful musicianship. This is music that must not be looked ahead of. Simply because of its sound and originality. The sound, by the way, is something that was not tampered with by studio magic, which is being used by a lot of bands lately. Being technical for the sake of being technical does not make a band talented. It is the fusion of technicality and melody that is written proportionately, and without abuse. Qualities that Arsis have mastered; leaving to the true profession of other challenging musicians that have managed to succeed in their own way.

While on the subject of the beloved profession of musicianship, these are two musicians whose writing, recording and production were well-thought out and took time mastering for this album. Probably the highlight of the album is that these guys know their roots to begin with. For instance, Malone's vocal and guitar (for both rhythm and lead) mastery is utmost satisfactory, and his playing is left to be heard raw in this release of phenomena. As is the drumming of Van Dyne; how it is absolutely refreshing to here a drummer whose double bass is not triggered in technical metal, and whose chops, rolls, blasts, fills are precise and mix very well with the technical and [at times] Scandinavian-esque overtone of melody that Arsis are best known for.