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Consider this my first hateful review. - 20%

TritherionHellraiser, December 28th, 2004

I heard this album once, expecting what it's called here. Industrial or electronic black metal. Instead, I got Marduk, but maybe faster. The intro isn't bad, gothic/industrial soundscape along with marching rhythms, asylum laughter, and a clock ticking... but then, the first song comes. "Oh my god," I say to myself, "this doesn't even sound as good as Diabolicum. I want to cry." And so, I turned it off.. and I did cry. Then, I went back and tried it again. Same result. After two more tries, I deleted it from my hard drive -- yes, it was downloaded -- to save my ears the torture, and my eyes the color changes. Basically, the intro is the only bit of "industrial" in this wad of shit. You know how alot of Industrial BM bands don't make it obvious they're industrial? You can still tell though, right? Well.. yeah, listen to this. Actually, don't. The only people who will like this are kvlt bastards and Marduk fans, and I doubt the Marduk fans will even enjoy it. Maybe the kvlt bastards. Probably not though. It's worthless, for the most part. Only if you are a masochist should you try this. Otherwise, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE AND RANDOM NU-SHIT BANDS.

Warmachine - 80%

Molochengott, October 11th, 2004

Ars Macabre have been around since 1998 and although they were continously plagued by instabilities in their line-up, they have now released their first album, which was already recorded in 2001. Deamonolatria hypnotica is essentially your standard war black metal recording. The Italians unleash such an aggressive straightforward fury that one feels at times reminded of Sarcófago’s Crust. This orgy of speed is layered with by rather simple memorable riffs. Up to now all this sounds quite simplistic, but this ist not necessarily true since Ars Macabre have managed to give all their songs an interesting twist. As fast and catchy as it all seems at the first glance, there are some interesting arrangements hidden within their music.
Even though the percussions resemble a drum maschine a little too much here and there, the brutal and stormy time-changes are executed. Even when their playing is more straight to the point, as in the case of Sturmgeschütz of chaos, Ars Macabra leave a harmonious impression. Furthermore two different vocal lines are being utilized, one of which is faster and more aggressive and also responsible for the lion’s share of the singing and the other a little deeper and darker, both elegantly combined. All in all Daemonolatria hypnotica a respectable debut, even more considering that the band constantly has had the cope with line-up changes. People who like fast and aggressive black metal, are well advised to take a listen.