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Solid, but something is missing. - 79%

Lazareth_, February 18th, 2011

Arntor is changing its music, gradually since 2006. Formerly an Amon Amarth kind of clone, a good one, but one of many in France, the band decided to evolve to a more black metal way. A true one. With Dans la nuit et le froid, it delivers a raw-well-built black metal, which follows oldschool Scandinavian way, i mean, the first Gorgoroth, Horna, and Sorhin.

This 2010 demo is pretty short but provided by good drum patterns and enhanced guitar riffs, i found it brilliant, but a bit standard. The vocals are overdrived and saturated, in the way Gorgoroth did in their first albums. The bass isn't very distinguishable. Production is good but i think that for this style of black metal, the vocals is sometimes way too loud, and erase often good guitar fills.

Not to much to say more, if you find this demo, take it, that's good, the best song is maybee Martyrs, with its intense solos and killer riffs.

There is actually a high potential in composition and in the way of playing the songs, in this band, i'm just waiting for more conceptual ideas. It's a good demo for a rehearsal recording, even if we would really like to hear more of it, to have a better idea of the conceptual lines of Arnor.