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What a Lesson. - 89%

sixxswine, August 6th, 2004

As a casual fan of Armored Saint, I was excited to look this dvd over. The most of the content is bootleg material that has been culled by the band from the years 1991 to 2001. To my surprise, the quality of this material is fair considering, it's labeled a "bootleg." Gonzo as Gahnzo guides you through the dvd, with his miscellaneous ramblings. I guess he’s trying to be funny? It didn’t go over well. He should thank God that he can play drums. There is some comic relief, by John Bush, there’s a chapter called "red onion," I won’t give it away, it must be experienced on your own. As bonus there's the videos for Reign of Fire, Last Train Home & also a new clip for Symbol of Salvation. There’s also some promotional bloopers, photo gallery, soundcheck, and Gahnzo’s Bloopers. The dvd package has a layout of what a magazine cover would look like. With the title that appears like a headline would, It grabs your attention. The real bonus, however, is the audio disc that is included in this package. An Armored Saint live EP with six live tracks recorded in 1984! So to sum it up, you get 12 pummeling live dvd tracks, three music videos, the extras & a cd. How can you go wrong? You can’t. This will leave you wanting more, and by the looks of things there will. This is edition number one, it leaves the door open to do another edition. Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am.