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Primitive - 90%

mayhemicbeast, March 1st, 2005

Here we have some no-frills black metal terror certain to raise the hackles of both normals and clueless metal pseudo-sophisticates who equate pomp and extraneous window dressing with progression. Happily, Armagedda probably don't a flying flap about musical progress, and therein lies the secret of "The Final War Approaching"s success. This young, energetic band is wise beyond their years in that they focus on giving their all to the music rather than venturing their inexperienced minds to attempt something too ambitious. Abrasive tremolo riffery in grey and black is shaped into rudimentary but catchy melodies that conjure the epic obscurity of classic Darkthrone, but with detours into more staccato shards that ricochet within the basic rhythms. Offhand dissonance and feedback squeals, coupled with the flat, small room production keep your ears attuned to the lacerating, jagged immanence of these primitive sounds. So, while nothing terribly original, this album bristles with energy and conviction. In a scene plagued by plastic playstation cybergoths, it's refreshing to hear a gang of fuckers who would spit on any rpg wiccan chastising them for a lack of cellos. Hails to Armagedda and to future apocalyptic offerings