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I don't even know what just happened here. - 30%

NickBlaze, August 1st, 2006

This band should not try black metal ever again. Ever, ever again. I will consider them a must listen to for a few tracks, but everything they've done is perhaps the worst quality of black metal one should expect from raw black metal. I had somewhat high hopes for these guys, but alas I was smoten.

The production quality is so horrid, it makes even Baby Jesus cry as I eat him. They seem to try so hard to create whatever atmosphere they were aiming for, but unlike Crifotoure Satanarda, these guys fail sevenfold. The guitar playing, is as one should expect from raw black metal: A mesh in the background. I wouldn't say it's bad or untalented; it's just what you'd expect. The drumming was rather bad, but impossible to hear the bass drum, so little point was there in having it. The vocals were probably the worst part, aside from the production. I'm sure better production would have made the vocals sound better all around; actually, I'm positive of it. But the way they sounded was terrible. It lacked focus.

The one plus side is that in some songs the vocalist goes for a very high pitched black metal shriek and ends up going into a high-pitched power metal wail. I found that surprisingly unique and quite enjoyable.

Aside from the 10 seconds from those songs, however, do not touch these guys.