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Chalice of Garbage. - 45%

Acherontic, September 12th, 2009

The split takes no time shitting into the listener's ears, immediately throwing a fecund muddled wash of... well, I can't even finish this sentence. First impression: Arkha Sva has created some of the shittiest black metal I have ever heard, almost on par with early Ildjarn. At the two-minute mark, the music fades out for an oddly out of place interlude, but it is welcomed because the rest of the song is good for little other than inducing headaches. Fortunately, after this all too short moment, the black metal part starts to sound a little better. There's some tempo changes scattered throughout, and the vocals aren't too bad, but overall this song is terrible.

In the second song of this split, which is slower-paced than the previous song, some female vocals (presumably; whatever they are, they're clean) appear and it almost sounds like there's a keyboard in the mix. Alas, none of this really works. The screams that follow are just flat-out terrible; they almost squeak/squeal in some parts and they're absolutely unintelligible. Are there lyrics? If there are, they don't matter at all.

With some better production quality and if the guitars actually worked together, Arkha Sva might actually sound like a decent metal band. Unfortunately all they have here is chaotically muddled trash that's not really worth listening to. On subsequent listens, everything sounds better, but it's still not very good. After Arkha Sva, there's another band, so my hopes for better music are temporarily raised.

Unlike the former band, Chalice Of Blood have a fairly decent intro here before rushing into the bulk of the song. The main problem is the cymbals, which are far too high-pitched to make the song truly enjoyable. The guitars are dry and grating, without much variation but in comparison to Arkha Sva it's good. The vocals are probably the best part, but as a whole Chalice Of Blood is generic. The songs start out well, but quickly degrade into boring black metal. There isn't much else to say aside from adding adjectives like "typical" and "uninteresting."

Nothing new here; move along. Save yourself the earaches and headaches and try some more original black metal. This is not a complete waste of time, but the music on this split is quite sub-par.