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A mockery of power metal! - 0%

riffxmetal18641, June 16th, 2010

Okay, I just stumbled on this song because someone told me about this Ari Koivunen guy and how he was making headlines across Finland just because he won Idols in 2007, which is basically the Finnish version of American Idol. For one thing, this guy cannot sing good AT ALL! He is the equivalent of what Justin Bieber would sound like if he started a metal band. He has no passion, no attitude, and no style whatsoever in the way he sings. Ari has nothing of what a metal vocalist should be like. He might as well just sing for the Jonas Brothers!

Now about the song. Well there isn't much to say about it other than it is pure commercial pop crap with a polished power metal sound disguising it. It seriously sounds like something that would be on the Disney channel! I am not kidding! The guitar riffs and leads are cheesy and sound way too polished and weak. Basically imagine Iron Maiden playing fifty times lamer and uninspired on guitar! The lyrics seem like it came from a Taylor Swift album. For example, "Tear me apart, Take a piece of my heart". Now if those aren't uninspiring lyrics, what are? And of course the worst part of the song is the blandness of Ari Koivunen. Come on, I heard more inspired singing from Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. That is seriously how bad he is! For one thing, he was around 24 years old when this song came out and he sounds like his balls have yet to drop! Hell, half of the women in the American pop industry sound more manly than this guy does! Damn!

So this is what commercial labels are trying to do now, by trying so hard to be commercialized and stupid that it is attempting to ruin everything that makes Finnish metal amazing? I am at a loss of words! This is just an attempt to bring fourteen year old pop fan girls to metal in order to sell records and it really pisses me off that this guy is so popular just because he won some stupid show! I really hate this! This is not what metal is about! Metal is about attitude, passion, power, and real emotion! This song has none of that! Because I heard this, I am not encouraged to hear anymore from him! So yes, this song is a mockery of power metal and everything it stands for! Well, what do you expect when the label is Sony BMG! So please, avoid this single at all costs!