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Not bad for what it is. - 61%

hells_unicorn, April 3rd, 2011

It seems that after garnering the attention/scorn of the much of the metal world by bringing it to the mainstream via Finland’s version of American Idol, Ari Koivunen has elected to make his solo music ventures a more permanent one. This is the first taste of his second LP, this time having a full time band rather than famous session musicians, and a somewhat revamped sound. The overriding element at work here is still guitar riffing and hook driven chorus work, but the keyboards have definitely taken greater prominence, leaving a sound that is even more in line with the Finnish standard as heard out of Stratovarius and Celesty.

“Give Me A Reason” is among the weaker representations of what goes on musically on “Becoming”, which is itself a modernized version of the same derivative, generic blend of 80s NWOBHM and late 90s Euro power metal that was the debut. The riffs are a bit groovier and somewhat informed by the current conventions of Sonata Arctica, but thankfully avoid getting convoluted. Ari’s vocal work is a bit more aggressive, but still quite boyish and poppy, but it doesn’t get offensive enough to detract from the solid music going on behind him. The principle area where this song really falls short is that it plays it a little too safe, and is lyrically way too close to the latest sappy ballad out of the likes of Nickelback.

There’s not really much to complain about here, but also not a heck of a lot to quake about either. This is a streamlined, stripped down, plain song that is meant for stage fanfare. A lot of the other material found on “Becoming” rocks a lot harder and is a bit more tolerable lyrically, but this can withstand the occasional listen without conjuring up the images of Disney teeny bopper nonsense that some like to attribute to this band. Not an essential single to purchase, but a passable song from an otherwise decent album that ought to be looked into.