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ignorance is bliss ? - 90%

odradek, August 16th, 2008

Arghoslent isn't the first metal band to choose to promote, or ostensibly embody, deplorable principles as part of their image; but they do seem to relish the consequential infamy to an unusual degree. In the case of "Incorrigible Bigotry", buried beneath the controversial subject matter, the music is quite entertaining.

The rhythm guitar is played with a very distinctive style. There's very little use of palm muted single note lines; instead, the rhythm melodies are comprised of rapidly moving chords slurred together. (Here I use the term "slur" in the musical sense, though the band certainly use plenty of the racial variety as well.) The riffs crafted in this manner are an absolute delight -- melodic and complex with a relentless continuity, rather than the more typical staccato chugging utilized in the genre.

The drumming and lead guitar are capably performed, and the vocals are well executed with a crisp sense of timing and an aggressive low growl that suits the music very well. But it's the riffing that sets Arghoslent apart from their peers; every song features several stirring, memorable riffs.

"Incorrigible Bigotry" is aptly titled, but thankfully sonic bliss envelops the ideological ignorance.