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The riffage compels you to obtain this album. - 95%

Spawnhorde, February 5th, 2004

Here's the point breakdown.

90 points for bringing some of the greatest riffs I have ever heard in metal to the table. This album is seriously SERIOUSLY rawkin' in the guitar department.

5 points extra for extremely well written lyrics. Though openly racist, this Virginia quintet mask it extremely well, especially in certain songs (namely The Purging Fires Of War, which at first glance sounds sort of power metal, lyricwise).

OK, let's go song by song, since there are only a few.

Flogging The fucking Cargo. If the album could have a cooler opening riff (which is promptly interrupted by random wankery), shoot me, and shoot me now. Followed by some kickass harmonies, and pulling off some nice growls, leading into blasts abound and other such drums, this is an awesome opener.

The Purging Fires of War. Holy shit, what a riff. I know, I'm going to say riff so much in this review, but god damn, this is some crazy shit. It's not even incredibly complicated, save a lot of the solos, but damn, it's just amazingly catchy and happy. With lyrics like "Carry my son this vision, take the sword and keep the faith, till the truth of our lives alight" makes me think it's just a sort of Tolkien themed song, sort of an inspiring warcry. Far from it. This song defines "masking your true motives."

Quelling The Simian Surge. Is there anything more offensive than that? Flogging The Cargo just sounds evil, too. But, it's true. It all used to happen. I suppose the band could be seen as "recreating history", but not really in a totally cool-with-everyone way...Anyways...This is a great riff, too. It's sort of overused in this song, but it's awesome anyways. The drumming sort of sounds like galloping, which adds to the feel of the album.

Heirs To Perdition. I dislike this riff. It's not as happy as the rest. Still, the song retains its goodness throughout, though it isn't one of the most solid songs. Points for good blasts here.

Archaic Invincibility. It took me a while to get used to this intro, because it's a bit different than the others, but now I love the fuck out of it. Some nice slow bits here and there, and sweet growls. This guy's awesome at them, trust me. Awesome solo-ish stuff while singer is growling, too. The guitars sort of have a mind of their own.

Incorrigible Bigotry. The title track is an 8 and a half minute INSTRUMENTAL. The amount of sheer riffage here is like explosive and cannot be contained. The sound can be accurately described as a 40-ton block of pure guitar riffs falling on your head and making a really great sound. Music to my fucking ears, this is.

Hereditary Taint. Jesus Christ. This intro is fucking nuts. Someone must make these guys give guitar lessons, really. There's nothing that can stop this band...really.

They're on the path to fvcking destrvction, and nothing can stop Arghoslent.