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Fuck gothenburg metal. - 75%

MacMoney, March 21st, 2003

The album starts off very strikingly with a fast riff and as soon as the riff is played through the first time, the lead guitar kicks in with a melodic yet fast solo. That "striking riffs and great, melodic solos" fits the album well, but doesn't give a reader a proper picture about the album. So, the riffs are striking, but in what way? In many ways actually, for example the riff that starts off the record smacks the listener fully to the ground with sheer brute force, but the riff in 2:43 on The Purging Fires of War is just so magnificent in it's epicness that even Quorthon of Bathory fame would be jealous of it. Most of Arghoslent's riffs are so melodic that one could talk about actual melodic death metal and by that I don't mean Gothenburg-styled wannabe death metal but actual melodic death metal. The solos are mostly very NWOBHMish in their style although death metallic parts can be found too.

One of the most notable aspects in Arghoslent's music is their lyrics. They describe events of history but Incorrigible Bigotry's lyrics focus on, as one may or may not decipher from the album title, the colonial times when white europeans used to enslave black africans. The lyrics aren't in any way politically correct. The word nigger gets thrown around without shame and the description "exotic filthy mongrel dogs" doesn't sound very flattering. Zach belches out the lyrics convincingly, although not in a very unique way. The vocals do fit the music very well, so there isn't anything wrong in this department. The lyrics are written in quite a cumbersome form but the band has somehow managed to arrange the lyrics into the music though at times the strange vocal lines do annoy you if you listen carefully.

All the songs are efficient pieces of art though some of them stick to your head better than the others. Especially The Purging Fires of War, for that epic riff mentioned in the first paragraph, Flogging The Cargo with its flashiness and striking capability and the album's title track which is an eight minute-long instrumental. The song is filled with clever riffs and the solos in the end are probably the best on the whole album and make an excellent listen. All in all, I'd recommend this to all fans of metal since this album has many various and quite different things going for it.