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.......riffs... - 40%

Empyreal, March 18th, 2010

I didn't want to review this again. I just wanted to lock it away forever in the vaults of time as a Mistake on my part, a tragically misguided opinion that I later found to be wrong. But so many people insisted that I go back and change my old review, which I left up merely to show what happens when one prematurely reviews an album, that I just had to give in. So many people were apparently so confused at the discrepancy between my ratings for this album and for Arghoslent's next pile of dog droppings, Hornets of the Pogrom, that I am forced to pander to the masses and, well, review Incorrigible Bigotry again. And yup, it's just as boring as I thought it was the last time I heard it! Excited? I bet you are.

Arghoslent is basically a really boring band at heart. Their music has no imagination, is short enough to be quickly forgotten and the only thing it really has going for it, is the riffs. Just riffs. Distilled of any songwriting power, any kind of emotional appeal, anything that separates us from machines making music...just riffs. That might sound good at first...wait, no it doesn't, are you fucking kidding me? I have never been quite this apathetic about music. It is technically all there, but where's the engaging factor that's supposed to draw me in? This music has no fire to it. It is a huge cobble of clickety-click riffing and dry melodies that sound as if they were produced by a machine. It is literally the best possible way I can think of to describe to someone the difference between inspired music and music that was so obviously just made to get a quick album out of the way so the band could go back to polishing their Klan hoods, or maybe throwing darts at pictures of Morgan Freeman and Malcolm X, or whatever it is this supposedly 'racist' band does in their free time.

Yeah, that racism thing is really something, isn't it? For a band that got so much infamy for writing such supposedly racist lyrics...these lyrics really aren't that bad. Yes, they often show a slight slant towards less-than-pure intentions aimed at black people, but really? Is this really all you have? I guess this is supposed to be 'intelligent' or something, but really it's just boring. They recite a bunch of historical anecdotes, throwing in some lines here and there about how black people are mongrels, or something, and overall it's just so goddamned bland. How can you even do that? How can you make racism sound bland? Well, they did - certainly some of the more pedestrian, tame lyrics I've read that concern the condemnation of another race of people based on a factor which they cannot actually control. What a load of suck. I've had more contempt for high school teachers.

The music is just as inconceivably bland. Picture The Chasm or Manilla Road except with everything mysterious, atmospheric and interesting removed. The riffs chug and gallop away without kicking up even one needle of a pulse. The rhythms are goofy and groovy and really not threatening at all. The intention here was probably to sound like classic heavy metal, and if so, they botched it up, because it just lacks any kind of punch. The vocals are growly without any distinction to them - not bad, not great, just kind of there. The melodies are classic-metal influenced, but that isn't enough; it's like saying that just because Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had Harrison Ford in the jungle with European bad guys that it was still a good movie. Which isn't true! The band just kind of throws these midget-sized melodies in the middle of the riffs to...make sure their music doesn't get monotonous? But it is, so the effect is nil. You need to emphasize things, you need to have some direction to your music, you need to use subtlety and atmosphere to enhance the music. Arghoslent does none of these things; their music is as insignificant and transparent as a family of ghosts living in a glass house. Everything is so small. Nothing leaps out at me, nothing demands my attention.

Incorrigible Bigotry...for an album called that, this is a really, well, corrigible album. It isn't that bigoted, it isn't exciting and it certainly isn't anything resembling good music. Some of the riffs would be good if the songwriting wasn't such a godforsaken mess of banality, and the melodies might be good if the band actually used them for something other than bridges between the clicky riffing, but it never is. Who actually considers this entertainment? People who don't even know what death metal is? Whatever. This is a load of starch-white vanilla nothing that I am glad to say I have grown out of. Case in point, readers: Just because a band has riffs and is metal doesn't make it good. This is a sack of shit, and I am done now. Over and out.