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Arghoslent - Galloping Through the Battle Ruins

Galloping Riffs of Glory and Might - 92%

Destroyer_6_6_6, April 2nd, 2024

Packed with riffs and a unique sound and style not found on many other death metal albums, Arghoslent's "Galloping Through the Battle Ruins" is a strong debut album from a very unorthodox death metal band. A band hailing from Virginia, Arghoslent blends old school death metal with elements of thrash metal, traditional heavy metal, RAC, and even bluegrass to some extent. “Galloping Through the Battle Ruins” is album with a raw production quality, consisting of very fast and catchy songs that define Arghoslent's sound, a sound that is very different from most other death metal bands.

The album is very straightforward, cutting straight to the riffs on the first song "Defile the Angelic". The first minute introduces mid-paced death metal riffs that eventually lead into a more galloping song structure where the riffs become increasingly and increasingly melodic, until the song slows down to its epic and melodic finale. Some of the riffs are fast and technical, while others are a bit slower. There's clearly a lot of variety in the songwriting, and many other songs on this album follow a similar structure to "Defile the Angelic". "The Banners of Castille" starts with fast and melodic riffs that develop into the same type of galloping riffs. Clearly, the name "Galloping Through the Battle Ruins" is very fitting for this album given the many "galloping" riffs that can be heard throughout. It seems that Arghoslent's intent is not to be the heaviest or most brutal band out there, but to be the catchiest. There is a certain heaviness to these songs, but the catchiness of the riffs is most emphasized, especially with songs like "The Banners of Castille" and "Imperial Clans". The riffs and structures of these two songs are quite memorable, and the bluegrass influence is more obvious here. Then there are songs like "Ten Lost Tribes" that start with slow riffs that gradually build up to something fast and energetic.

It's very clear from this album that Arghoslent truly loves putting all their energy into the music, making the slickest and catchiest riffs they can, and adding a lot of variety to them, layering some of them with slower, non-technical, yet epic guitar solos, as is the case with the solos on "Ten Lost Tribes" and "Defile the Angelic". The musicianship is certainly very tight, and it sounds organic. The production quality is very raw and not so polished like it is on later albums. The guitar tone isn’t as piercing on this album but the riffs and songwriting definitely make up for it.

All of this shows that Arghoslent is different from most other bands who share their kind of lyrics and ideology. Usually right-wing, RAC, and NS bands produce a lot of bland, one-dimensional riffs and songs that don't hold up over time, giving the listener the impression that these bands care much more about their ideology instead of producing good music.

However, Arghoslent's music is not so one-dimensional and bland. There's clearly a lot going on with the music here. It's fast, slow, heavy, technical, and very multi-dimensional musically. The songwriting itself is not that traditional either. It does not follow a simple "verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo" structure. Some of these songs start off with a traditional song structure but then they build up into something epic and bombastic. In fact Arghoslent has used the term "bombastic" to describe their music. And bombastic death metal is definitely what can be heard on Arghoslent's "Galloping Through the Battle Ruins". It is an excellent and unique album in the sub-genre of death metal!