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A little better than their first attempt.. - 80%

Ueuecoyotl, June 18th, 2006

Arditi's second album, this time with actual songs. The usual martial drumming has continued on, this time with some rather nice keyboard work and intelligible spoken word parts about religion, politics, and sometimes little poetic pieces. The album sounds very much inspired by Laibach's "Nova Akropola", even down to the sampled words. It feels like a movie or game soundtrack in which you're trapped in a bunker with a small radio playing weak broadcasts of propaganda while dramatic music and wars rage above you. Explosive noises, shouts, and engine-like drones abound throughout the album.
While all of this creates a great atmosphere, it does little for one musically. The album lacks definition from track to track, and the repetition of the drumming will start to annoy after about half the album.