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Marching on to victory - 70%

Ueuecoyotl, June 18th, 2006

This is getting a good mark mostly for creativity. It's difficult to listen to the whole album, which is more noise than metal. Coming from a noise fan this would usually be good, but this album just goes on too long. Martial drumming, droning keyboards, and strange voices speaking and chanting make up the whole of this album which just passes the half hour mark.
It opens with what is definitely the most tedious of the tracks. It feels like it's simply an intro that should end at any moment and let the album pick up. But it never does. The next track is one of the more structured tracks. It has some hints of melody audible through the banging and occasional shouts. It ends and transitions to a haunting and somewhat appealing track, which then abruptly switches to a badly recorded snare/fife combination right out of the civil war. The banging then starts again, and doesn't let up until the second to last track, which is mostly keyboards.
Overall the album would make a better game soundtrack than anything else. It's worth hearing a few times if you're open-minded enough, and although it seems like it might grow on you after a few tries at sitting through it, it really doesn't.