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Motionless and pensive - 74%

Catachthonian, November 28th, 2008

"Religion of the Blood" is an atmospheric industrial piece (emphasis on atmospheric). That means the volume level is quite low and all instruments are kind of blurred and muted. It's got somewhat of a trotting drum beat (military drum + timpani), and a hit on crash cymbals every once in a while. Ambience in the background is the same throughout the whole track, but as it's sort of humble and ethereal, it doesn't bore the listener. There are a few spoken/whispered word parts too. The picture it draws in one's mind is that of a small reconnaisance detachment swiftly and silently moving through the fog at dawn towards the enemy lines with as much stealth as possible.

"Jedem das Seine" is even calmer. It's a brooding piece which is closer to dark ambient with some industrial overtones. Ambience in the background is more active, though. It's much more addicted to shape-shifting than on the previous track. There are no real drums here, just some metal tap and peal. Its pace is that of a steel dragon unit, whose fiery breath brings ruin and peril, slowly but surely cleansing the city's debris from all living flesh lurking in some hidden corners, be that flesh a soldier, a woman or a child. By fire we reign. Lifeless and deadly. A company of heartless machines. Demons of war, made from cold steel, devised for mass murder. Achieving peace through superior firepower. Jedem das Seine.

Alright, the mood isn't THAT apocalyptic, but it isn't uplifted or joyous either. And the colour of the EP is the one of steel and concrete.