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Unknown destiny, uncertain future - 72%

Catachthonian, November 28th, 2008

"Destiny Of Iron"... As one might expect, it's somewhat anguished and filled with pathos. Good thing it isn't solemn, as solemnity would sound completely out of place here. It's a neoclassical piece with some martial industrial tinges (mainly in the drum department), and the atmosphere is seemingly again of troops marching off to war. But it's a cold grey late October morning, and they're marching on the road somewhere in the empty fields without a word being spoken for hours, and those few who see them shed a tear or two (those few are elderly people, of course). Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead. The time they live in is a time of trouble and uncertainty. What will the future bring? There's no answer...

"Struggle For Victory" has got an even scantier palette. Heavy, thundering yet viscid drumming, an abstinent melody, remote ambience, a few mumbled words... It must feel like being standards or banners hoisted in the rainy northwest winds under a dull autumn sky and hanging from the roof of some state or military building... The winds are lazy nowadays, so the standards barely tremble. Then the winds go quiet, and everything is motionless, like there's no living thing around at all. Just dismal pompous buildings and an endless grey sky... A joyless picture, isn't it? But then again, this is no future. Nobody knows what it'll look like. Only time will tell...

Nothing is for sure, everything can change in a moment. The world holds its breath. Even time stands still. And the colour of the EP is the one of the stormclouds on the horizon.