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21st century schizoid band! HA! - 94%

ironasinmaiden, April 17th, 2003

Arcturus... wherefore art thou, Arcturus... the world's first black metal "supergroup" never seems to quite get its due for constantly flirting with the cutting edge. Garm + co. return with a vengeance on the Sham Mirrors... another superb chapter in the pseudo-black metal compendium. There is considerably less BM here. In fact, asides from Collapse Generation (track 4)there's barely a tremelo picked note or harsh vocal... Instead, Sham Mirrors is a staggeringly original astro-metal voyage somewhere between Voivod and Faith no More

First: Garm's vocals sound great this time around. Almost exclusively sung, he resembles Mike Patton without the talent. Second: the keyboards are absofuckinglutely stunning... Dimmu Borgir copped their sound for a reason, folks. This "steinar" guy has chops and knows how to use them. Check out "For to End Yet Again".... I love that Addams Family intro.

Nightmare Heaven and Kinetic are streamlined and well composed as opposed (RHYME!) to the often complex and erratic style of La Masquerade Infernal. It sounds like Arcturus has found their calling... there are even some brain rotting hooks. Of course this sits comfortably alongside the spacey, astral moments, making this metalhead a happy camper

If you're into progressive black metal, you should have no problems with Arcturus