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Good Experimental Metal - 78%

fear_the_riffer, October 29th, 2005

The only thing keeping this album from being a masterpiece is that some songs seem to drag a bit in some parts and one might lose interest after hearing those parts. However some songs are near perfect, but I'll get to that in later.

The main instruments here are drums and keyboards: Hellhammer destroys his kit and keeps those beats interesting and the keyboardist shreds on those keys and sometimes on a grand piano! Guitar riffs are very simple but decent, but there are some cool leads to be found especially on the opening track, "Kinetic" and "Nightmare Heaven". The bass work is very good and varied and you can clearly hear those bass leads behind the huge wall of sound.

The real highlight of the album, however, is Garm's vocal delivery! Man, can this guy sing or what? His voice is powerful, emotional, and sometimes operatic. Emperor frontman, Ihsan, makes a guest appearance on "Radical Cut" which is the most black metal-sounding song. Production is perfect; squeaky clean!

"Kinetic" kicks off the album with a high note. It starts with some drum smashing and a bass solo, followed by some "oohs" and a great guitar lead. The special effects on this song are very interesting and "spacey", but the parts which make this song perfect are the singing parts and that emotional solo in the end!

The next track, "Nightmare Heaven" is killer! After that techno-ish slow drum section, Garm unleashes his high pitched singing and the song ends with a fiery guitar solo!

"Ad Absurdum" is also pretty cool, but right after this song the album loses focus with the next two tracks that seem to be composed of random keyboard-driven parts with random special effects.

"Radical Cut" is the "brutal" song of the album and the only song with black metal shrieks. It's a little boring but the MELODIC keyboard solo more than makes up for those boring parts!

"For To End Yet Again" has almost 4 to 5 minutes of greatness and the rest is random symphonic masturbation. Those precious moments that "make" the song consist of a long emotional PIANO-ONLY section that will take you places...

Well, I recommend this album, for being unique and actually good for this style of experimental extreme metal. It's also a lot better than their previous album, La Masquerade Infernale.