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A more soothing Arcturus - 95%

Laserhawk, November 6th, 2003

The album does indeed sound completely different from La Masquerade Infernale and Apiera Hiems Symfonia, but in a good way. The guitars take a back seat to everything else. This album focuses more on drumming and vocals, with keyboards coming in second. The production very much favors the drums, as every hit is very crisp and clear. Garm's vocals have changed dramatically since LMI. Gone are the unique operatic vocals, and in place comes a cleaner, more sing-songy voice, very endearing and tempting to sing along with, though his half-falsetto does come out at times, an example being the song Ad Absurdum. But overall, complainers of Garm's "bad" vocals on LMI should give this album a listen. If you still hate his vocals, then be gone with you, you picky-ass.

Ihsahn does guest vocals on this album on the track Radical Cut. This song has a driving double-bass, and is like the big brother version of Collapse Generation.

As stated before in previous reviews on this album, this is a more upbeat Arcturus, not dark and brooding as AHS and LMI are.

BUY this album, not burn.

Album Highlights - Kinetic, Collapse Generation, Radical Cut