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.....Wow. - 90%

AzzMan, May 2nd, 2004

This album is awesome. It is wicked. Its different in a way I wish other bands chose to be. I'm fine with generic metal (Bolt Thrower, namely), but it does get old. Acts like Arcturus keep me impressed. But to note, this is the first album by this group I bought, and currently remains the only one.

Bringing on some supurb vocals, the album really shines here. It's powerful, it holds you in and makes you wish there was more. That's the one thing I didn't like, there were only seven tracks. Can't have everything though.

The drumming is almost spotless as well, it holds a good beat, and blends perfectly with the rest of the music. Hellhammer always puts on a show, though, so that's a given.

Guitarwork here isn't scarce, but it seems to be a bit neglected.. The riffs fit the rest of the formula to bring on a creepy feeling, or an almost white void. I can't quite think of a way to describe that part. It ends up being like a weird atmospheric feeling. Like space, but without annoying lyrics.

The lyrics... the lyrics. They are.. meh. I mean, I won't say they're bad, which they aren't, sheerly from the power of the vocals. Here the seem to be talking about leaving something, or coming with a new beginning, something a bit like that.

Whatever, about the keyboards- So.. neglected? Nah. They tend to be the dominant instrument that kind of plows everything out of the way and just shouts "I shouldn't be forgottne for a while."

Speaking of keyboards, the more "industrial" sounds that slip in.. they sound good, and provide once again an almost creepy feeling.

Now, song by song, Kinetic and Nightmare heaven, tracks 1 and 2, are a couple of the best ones here. They are just.. awesome. First and third best tracks.

Something really needs to be said about the music in the first damn place. You need to be in a real mood for it, but really, its very very good. Star-Crossed is again a tad weaker in volume, but the high use of piano and the deep feeling of the keyboards more then make up for that. Fourth best track, easily.

Radical Cut is great. It seems alot heavier then all the previous tracks, and it really is. They actually used black vocals for this one, but it was a nice bit of a switch up. Second best track, Ihsahn helped with that, though.

IMHO, thats where the album ends. For To End Yet Again is most definatly the weakest track. Rather then being "just OK," its "...sure, not bad, but I would rather skip and listen to Kinetic again." And that's true.

An album that you need to be in the mood for more then anything, and almost an aquired taste, this is perfect when you want it to be. Definatly worth owning.