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Privacy Policy review - 80%

BeyondAllRemorse, February 7th, 2006

Sideshow Symphonies
Season Of Mist

Never has a more apt title for a release been used. Arcturus have looked at the rule book, and although they haven't actually ripped it up and started again, they have taken its core, twisted, manipulated and totally transformed the damn thing. Okay, other bands have tried this, most of whom have fallen flat on their arses in the process, which is where Arcturus differ dramatically.

This is sensational stuff. Dipping in and out of elegant dreamy sound scapes that fit perfectly into the mix. Nothing sounds out of place, although in turn nothing sounds like anything before it. Comparisons shouldn't really be identified in any review because to be honest there isn't really anything relevant in the current scene. This is original, majestic and a true piece of modern day art.

Tracks like 'Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer' take you on a space aged journey that features swirling keys, perfectly poised guitars, jarring rhythms and distinctive vocal passages. The sound is erie and distant and not of this world, yet it envelops the listener and transports you to a place that you actually find yourself quite liking.

Music to me is about escapism, and with 'Sideshow Symphonies', Arcturus have created a new blueprint to which I feel sure a horde of plagiarists with try to ascend to. This will in time though be regarded as not only a piece of modern day art, but a significant influence on all that follows.