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Bizarre Chilled Space Oddity - 82%

AngelofBreath, December 9th, 2005

I got to know this band through a mention in a magazine as sounding like they were "from another planet". I wasn't disappointed.

This is a very chilled but definetly metal journey through the stratosphere and beyond to a weird place where Simen's vocals make you wonder where the hell you are. He's one damn fine singer and he really makes this release come alive. The mix seems to be engineered around him, as alot of the instruments are quite subdued and means his soaring operatic vocals are what the listener hooks onto. This is definetly not your average black metal release, in fact black metal doesn't do it justice as a description. There are strange and querky elements everywhere, from the astral keys, to Simen's using his highly addictive voice to deliver strange lyrics that sound completely out of context in the spacey operatic veign; "who gives a flying shit anyway!?!" Takes me back to the Jerry Springer opera.

This is extremely competent as a release, choosing to travel into uncharted areas and actually deserves the label "avant garde" which is to be welcomed into a genre where blast beats and grunting are becoming more pointless than a broken pencil.

I originally gave it 90% but since that's become obvious that's a little too high. It's still great but for the sake of consistency I'm lowering it a little.