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Odd Start For Arcturus - 47%

Jiri777, August 25th, 2008

This is where it all started, besides the demo, “Slow Death.” Arcturus has come a long way since this EP. The style of music here is very weird death metal. Not the clean singing avant-garde band we are all used to. It is a solid mini album with only two songs.

The first song is the title track called “My Angel.” This is why this release receives 40 points. It is very good. It is a “Halloween” kind of scary track, with spooky noises, suffering people screaming, and doomy riffs. Vocals are done by Marius Vold and he is a pretty standard death growler. Hellhammer does a good job for this release as well. The only problem with this song lies clearly in its lyrics. The lyrics are very ridiculous, with Vold saying “you’re my angel” over and over. The only other things he says are “I need you,” and “I love you.”

The other song featured here is “Morax.” It only conjured up 7 points for the EP. It is a strange, confusing song that is all over the place. There are few vocals, and the vocals that are present, do not seem to fit in at all. Everybody seems very confused while playing it. The only one that does justice for the song is Hellhammer. He is surprisingly very good on it.

So if you are looking for a quick, and pretty weird death metal release, then I would recommend this. However, it is very short, and only one song is quality so it is probably not worth the money.

Amazing Restart - 86%

Cuirassier, January 26th, 2005

This being their first actual release since they left behind their days as Mortem (generic death metal), this is a very impressive first step. No more of that kinda rumbly 'raw' death metal, this is atmospheric blackesque metal. It starts with the song My Angel, which in my opinion could easily be one of Arcturus' best songs. The lyrics may not be all that great, and the musicianship is not their best, but the whole atmosphere of absolute doom and despair is presented in a creative way I have not heard of before, nor since. It is almost entirely based around synth, but you can still here the band, some parts better than others.
The next song, Morax, was quite pleasurably listenable to. It is a melting pot of future Arcturus riffs, as if they went back to this song and collected up their favorite parts and expanded them into songs. The most noticeable example of this is Wintry Grey, listen to it and you will see what I mean. Overall, this EP is great, very short, but I thought it was deffinately worth my money. If you're into atmospheric music, or black metal, you would not be dissapointed with this little masterpiece.